Sunday, October 30, 2011

Good Morning.

It is dark outside and I do not think it is raining. I will know later if it is cloudy. Mom is off and asleep as I type.
All of our shades have cat holes in them as in the photo at left. These are new shades. You would think that we would get a discount for having cats when  we buy these shades.
I see clouds outside as the sun is just now making light on our day.
Everything on TV last night had Fall content, "The Good Witch", "Halloween", "The Dead Walking" and the "The Michael Jackson Trial".
I feel good this morning and I am considered old; I do not try to act young anymore and I am surprised when a young gentleman opens a door for me. Mentally I am very young; I think I am moderate but actually I am liberal. I am a Christian who has married a Jewish Princess and sees the planet Earth as the Garden of Eden. I do not worship Jesus and I do think we are all created in the image of God ; as in lions, puppy's, ants, trees, mulch, zen, the outer limits, Little Richard and Gandhi.

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