Saturday, September 3, 2011

We Wonder Why We pay Taxes

We wonder what taxes are for when hurricane season comes around. Those folks that are insured may get help; the Red Cross may help; FEMA may help; the National Guard may help. Taxes pay for the National Guard and FEMA; your donations pay for the Red Cross, those that can afford insurance may get helped.
The tax code is screwed up and needs to be changed, that is why we voted for Obama and not some Wealthy Republican. The small  Independents and Republicans have the right idea (the Ross Perot's and Buddy Roemer's do), but they will not be elected. Mitch McConnell took care of Obama (fixed his goose and made him squeal). If the Republicans are voted out then we will get jobs and not be slaves to the Republican Chinese Paid Off Officials.
See Buddy Roemer on video and listen to what he says about the Chinese and slave labor, unfair tariffs and a crappy tax code.
I do not trust him but he is right-on about the Chinese and how we lost our manufacturing plants. 

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