Thursday, September 1, 2011

City Water Main

We have gray skies overhead in Western Kentucky, the radar did not show any clouds over head they are like ghosts talked about but not seen by radar. I see them covering the blue of the sky and making it gray.
It is a fine morning at home here in our abode. Our pleasures are simple the first being that I awoke and the second is that I feel fine and the third is mom is off work. There is no place I have to be so I am to be here. That is simple with no complications. Today my retirement pension comes to my account and I then pay for all my toys, water, heat, electricity and my home.
I can not drink the city water. It is clear and clean but something makes me sick and I lose everything when I drink it. I can not afford to buy water from someone else. I am already paying the city to supply me with safe water. I can bath in it, I can flush my drains with it but I can not drink it. The city is replacing 100 year old supply water mains, maybe that will help. They stopped the farmers adjacent to the city lake from using chemicals harmful to the city water (the farm fields drain into the lake). They told us after the fact that the water is now safe. They would not have ever told us these facts but United States Federal Regulations require all states and city governments to inform residents of any dangers to their city drinking water.
I heard this morning that the United States Senator wants to replace Obama so he can remove mine safety regulations in Utah so that they can mine coal cheaper. You know who will pay, yes the coal miner.

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  1. The water in our city is pretty good. It has never made me sick and it tastes good. The cities on each side of us have bad tasting water.

    It's a VERY GOOD DAY just because you woke up :))