Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mom and I went swimming at 6 AM this morning. She works 8 hours today ( 40 hours this week) and 16 hours next week. It must some kind of productivity test for her to see how much work she gets done in 40 hours this week and 16 hours next. I think Walmart is under pressure to run their stores on automatic (make profit for nothing). 
If the country defaults on their loan, those of us that get paid from the United States Federal Government do not get paid. I get to live like I did in the 1960's (mom's going to be pissed). The poor banks will not get to profit from my paycheck (they earn money on it over the weekend before they post it (imagine 1,000 checks not being direct deposited into our local bank)). Imagine whats going to happen when the mortgage comes do for 1000 folks here in town. It will be fun and maybe a little dangerous (I may have to save up for a holster and  pistol).

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  1. If the government defaults we lose all but one direct deposit, but Dennis if you listened to the President really closely, he said that the August 3rd checks would be late. August 3rd checks, not all the checks, just August 3rd. If all government checks were going to be late, then why would he specify a specific date when all government checks don't go out on August 3rd?