Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kids safer with grandparents behind the wheel

Swing sets and ball games, Dairy Queen and Lolly Pops.
Jesus, Rolling Stones and Santana

Generation Gap
When I was growing up there was no bridge (or less of a bridge) to cross over to the ideas of the young. There was a “Generation Gap”,  a place where the older generation could not understand the younger generation. I think the older generation was stuck in their ideals, would not budge. Maybe, a little stubborn, like a spoiled child. I can still see that stubbornness when I walk by with my long hair, they assume the notions that make good gossip. Some are old and senile, stuck and stubborn, some are of open mind.
Hopefully my mind is open, willing to listen to the young, leaving the door open for a child's mind.
I understand that they have a mind of their own. I am willing to understand.
I lay a foundation of understanding, of equal understanding.
Sometimes children want something from us that we can not give. We can give them time, a moment together, a sharing of space and time, no words, no understanding, just being together,
then understanding pops up like a cork.
For thirty years I have tried to live with everyone, seeing the being before me.
Understanding what is before me, they are a human, being.
I see. What a simple statement.
These are somethings I learned in the sixties. 

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  1. "children in grandparent-driven vehicles were less likely to be restrained correctly. Despite this, little ones in grandparent-driven crashes had half the risk of injuries as those in parent-driven crashes."

    Brandon can agree with this statement 100%. He uses no restraints, only a helmet.