Friday, July 8, 2011


It is raining outside this morning. It is perfect weather for our tomatoes because it is hot and humid. My fence really works because the deer have stayed away (crossed fingers). I am cleaning the carpet this morning (vacuum and shampoo) plus doing some bedding for mom.
 I am the "The Pool Guy", "The Lawn Guy", " The Dishes Guy", "My Own Laundry Guy" (not moms I shrink too many things, " OOPS!!"). Plus I do the Web Pages for NARFE, The Drug Coalition and Laurelrose. If I get an iPhone then I will do "GraveSite WebSite" for folks at a cost ( no free lunch here). My worst enemy is our rock pile and sink hole combination. I think I will have to hire out this job since the rock pile hurts my back.
Dad's Grave

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