Saturday, July 16, 2011

I have to confirm to my being to look at a calendar and view the date (16th day of July) and the day of the week (Saturday). Oh my another day of prayer. Is it just America that established two days of prayer and called it the weekend, "Thank God it's Friday!" , "Gee I'm glad this weeks over!"
Did you know that corporate America removed the weekend from their job calendar. Now America works 12 hour shifts and moves the weekends wherever they please. Now America plays on weekends (anytime their off).
Can you name the slave societies?  I know of five, Egypt (Let my people go!), The American South (Massa), India's Cast System, medieval Europe's Feudal System and America's Waitresses.


  1. You're not unlike most retired people. Who cares what time or day it is, or even the date. They're all holidays as far as we're concerned. We threw away our watches the day we stopped working for a living. The doctors know this and that's why they call the day before to remind you that you have an appointment the following day. You pay your bills the day they arrive in the mail. Your children remind you of your birthday and other important events along with your Google Calendar which sounds an alarm on your cell phone when something important is about to happen.
    Life is good except for Monday...that's the day you have to remember to set out your trash. I should just go ahead and make a note of that on my Google calendar and be done with that small annoyance.


  2. Oh, I forgot about the Slave Societies....
    The family is another one.