Sunday, July 3, 2011

Good Morning.
It is sunny and warm and mom and I are going in the pool at 0900. Our new cover is heavy and we must separate it into two manageable parts. So that is what we will do, but first we will swim or relax.
How many of you knew Lucy Diaz? Well I know of three folk plus her children and grand children.
How many of you you knew Mary Hatcher? Well I know of two people plus her children and grand children.
Mary and Lucy were the kindest and nicest human beings I have ever known. Thy both would give you the last piece of bread on the planet because that was the way they were. They both fussed at you in the most comfortable way and made you feel at home. Just nice human beings.

We are having a lox and bagel brunch this morning. We did swim ( we just got out) and mom decided to have brunch before separating the pool cover. No problem I love lox and bagels.

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