Friday, July 1, 2011

Good Morning.
It is cloudy and it looks like rain but the weatherman says it is going to rain in Illinois and not Kentucky. Illinois is just 12 miles north of Marion, Kentucky.
I feel good and my thought s are pleasant; there is no violence in the area. It is against the law (local, state, federal and religious).
Our laws are in the courts and not the streets. Understanding and free speech are in the streets and minds.
I am going over to the news and see where the violence is?
"Court says OK to violence, not sex!?"

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  1. Why would you waste your time looking for violence on the TV when you can look out at the beauty that surrounds you instead? Turn off the TV and enjoy the world around you because life's too short to be sitting in front of that boob tube.

    We have 4 more pretty kittens. One that got dropped off and we found hungry in the tree in the front yard and 3 in the neighbors hedge. The four are getting along even though the one in the tree is older by about 2-3 weeks. Watching them trying to wobble around on their little legs to play is cute.

    The little boy next door has firecrackers....about a thousand of them or so. It might take him 3 weeks to set them all off one at a time. GREAT NEWS....I just heard him set off several at one time! Jimmy is hopping mad...he was trying to sit outside and read a book in peace and quiet.

    Take care, Love you.