Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We are now swimming everyday.
I awoke this morning feeling good. I may be over my dizziness. I think that the 12 hour Aleve was the problem, I am not sure but I quit using it plus I quit using the Tylenol back rub too.
My back feels better but I still have 30 lbs of sand on my glass table outside. I may hire mom to lift one side while I lift the other.
Mom wants me to remove my block and tackle from the edge of the pool. The last time I put it up I fell off the ladder so I am thinking maybe next time.
Maybe I can do like a flag pole and put a weight on one end with a pivot point. That would work but I do not have a pivot point that would lift 200 lbs. I think I solved my problem by looking at the photo at left.

1 comment:

  1. Why don't you wait to do some things when someone is there with you to help. Then maybe you wouldn't be falling off ladders and such. One of these days you may not be able to get yourself up after a bad fall and will just have to stay there until someone finds you.
    Spend your days swimming and not doing so much work.