Friday, June 17, 2011

My clay soil caused me some concern with my tomatoes and I had to shake the dirt out of the sod to make use of that top soil that I had (maybe 3" of soil then clay). I loosened it up with perlite , sand and some potting soil. I used the clay I dug out of the hole bottom to cover my plants to keep the cutworms out (they might bake like an oven).
Today I mend my solar cover (the glued seam came apart), I will rivet Velcro to it and stick it together.
I did not have the right size rivet so I just glue the Velcro on hopefully that will last until payday.
It just started raining, so I went on an errand. When the rain stops I will put the cover on the pool, test the pool then plant more tomatoes. So far the deer has stayed away from our tomatoes.
If it rains more I will put a new spark plug on my tiller and fire it up.

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