Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I have no clue what the weather will be like today. It rained all day yesterday, we just caught the edge of the rain that went north; it just poured all day, sometimes noisy thunder and maybe the sound of a lot of rain just hitting the house. We needed the rain so it just soaked into the ground and colored the flowers and washed the leaves and earth clean.Link
I am having a cup of coffee and it is so much better than decaffeinated coffee. Gut I only get one cup a day.
I feel good this morning.
I just added some new pages to Tomas Muse. What I added is here also. It is the closer of my mothers death.

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  1. I still really believe that my mother ran off with a black sailor. At the time that was a 'no no' and now I'm buying that story more because of what Vivian's mother said, that the real story would just cause "hurt feelings." It would only cause hurt feelings if you still have the mentality of the 1940's, which I don't and never have.
    I never saw my dad strike a woman, so the beating thing I don't buy. I closed the door on my mother a long time ago and it was easy for me cause I never knew her. I've only speculated because you cared and you wondered and searched. Whether she lived or died is of no concern to me because my grandparents were my real parents.