Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Good Morning. Mom is off to work and today I just work on the fence.
We have had no rain in a while (5 days) and that is a concern for our tomato plants when they go into the ground. They love hot humid days and very warm moist soil. They would do well in a laundry window where the humidity is high from the steaming machines.
I feel great and I just had my morning cup of coffee and about to have another (this one decaf). Only one cup of regular for me.
Mom and I swam again last night and I love the pool because it is so refreshing after a hard day of work.
My daughter told us that when she got home ( from visiting us ) and she pulled into her driveway she saw 5 raccoons on her carport and two scampered out of the cat door (7 raccoons). She lives in town ( the Disney truck called and will be right over to set up for the documentary).

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  1. It's been almost 2 weeks without rain for us and we have two patches of dry brown grass. One over the septic tank and the other near the driveway. My hanging cherry tomato is done for the season and is beginning to dry up. I have gotten so many tomatoes from it already that it's done its job well. I'll hate to see it go.
    Have a nice day.