Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good Morning. Today it is peaceful outside our abode. The cicadas and birds are singing their songs. It is not for us that they sing, it is for their survival that they sing. I only enjoy their company on this land of plenty.
My father was on my mind this morning. A Latin lover is his best description where his bed and garden were his domains. His ego moved as he pleased from flower to flower and in my mind from mother to mother. He never gave up that idea; his life was his to enjoy.
I do not mean to offend our grandson with this description of my father nor anyone else because he was a provider with a great work ethic. He was just a handsome playboy. He was handsome enough to hang out with the Hollywood party crowd and he was an extra in a Dagwood dance scene.
Today I feel good though I did pull a muscle while just toweling after a shower. I hate to stop lifting but it seems chores like that are not on my repertoire.
I think I just brushed up against some poison ivy out in the yard. I feel that tingle. I washed up with soap and cold water.

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