Saturday, June 4, 2011

All that and this too

Good morning, I feel great; no aches or pains and my balance is fine, the pool is in fine shape.
I did get mad at mom but all is well now. She dumped my K-Cups in Clean Kitter Liter after I had warned her not to place them on the edge of the counter. She cleaned them all and all is well (It was just a ceremonial dump).
I opened the cat door to let the cats in and out; after 4 days all was well until last night when one of the males decided to mark our home. The door is closed now; I never learn.
I worked on the fence for the garden yesterday and today I clean house, dishes and laundry first then floors. Then we swim.
I have done two loads of clothes loaded the dish washer and did a little work on the fence. I will rest a bit and then wash by hand some of the dishes in the sink.
All seems quiet at the NARFE Web site as well as the Drug Coalition Web site; I add to LaurelRose . com as I please, it is the same with Tomas Muse.
The coffee is great this morning; the aging process mom developed seems to work well.

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  1. Glad to hear that everything is fine and that you're feeling well. Have fun with all the festivities of today. Wish we could be there to help celebrate the two birthdays but kiss everyone and tell them that we're thinking of them with love.