Thursday, June 30, 2011

'Contributor' Files Federal Lawsuit Against Brentwood

The image above is the way dad drove to Pasadena, the road was fancy and very wealthy; it was the only way I knew to get to Pasadena and my grandmother house. Once when I was visiting the Huntington Library in San Marino, California and I was walking this route to South Pasadena on my way toward Pasadena to my grandmothers house when a patrol officer picked me up and escorted me to South Pasadena. Apparently young Mexican boys were not allowed to walk the streets here in this fancy neighborhood.
B is the Huntington Library where my Grandfather Pablo Diaz worked and where I assume my mother is buried.
A is the The Huntington Hotel where my dad always drove by to my grandmothers home in Pasadena (photo below). This is also the hotel I wanted to take mom for a stay while we were in California on a visit to see my son Eli.

I found this to be informative in my history but my wife said to me, "Who Cares?" Sometime we search to know what the world around a human being is like and why after 55 years it makes a difference as to where places are or are not. I found this interesting because my uncle Ralph said that Temple's son of Temple City was his high school friend. My cousin Vivian said that Temple was part of the family by marriage. These roots are very strong in my family. My grandfather Pablo was a prominent in the history of San Gabriel, Temple of Temple City was a member of the family. My grandfather worked for Huntington at the Huntington Library who built railroads for my great great grandfather Porfirio Díaz and my grandfather Pablo located his family in San Gabriel near The Huntington Library after leaving Mexico.

Another Route

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