Saturday, May 14, 2011

This is a story told to me by my step-brother Ron. I was in the Navy at the time of the story.
My dad was great on enlisting family to help him with his projects. So one day someone mentioned to dad that he could have a bamboo grove (6 foot in diameter) if he just could take it away. So he in-listed Ron and Jerry the only boys still at home to dig up the bamboo and bring it home.
Dad borrowed a flat trailer to pull behind his woody station wagon and headed out to dig up the six foot ball of bamboo with the 30 foot tall shoots with my step-brothers Jerry and Ron. After much sweat and back breaking work they rolled the ball of dirt with the 30 foot grove of bamboo onto the trailer with the bamboo out over the woody station wagon.
Down the road they went and onto the California Freeway they went with the trailer and bamboo swaying from the side to side over the woody station wagon and as you know when a trailer starts moving it gets out of control quick and before you know it the 60 mph bamboo grove bounced the woody station wagon 180 degrees (with the hood ornament and front wheels facing the sky) with Jerry laughing so hard it hurt and everything came to a halt on the California Freeway. All the traffic had given them a wide margin when the bamboo started bouncing so as you can guess it was a spectacular sight to see.
When I came home from leave that year I saw the grove in the back yard but no one mentioned how it got there.

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