Monday, May 30, 2011

Mom's Final Resting Place

It is a new time this morning, a new awakening. The sun came over the morning horizon in this new moment and I think that is good; I celebrate the good morning view from my eyes and emotions.

Mom's Final Resting Place

I will remember Memorial Day as the day of the mother/soldier. My mother fighting off my father to defend her children from the great war in our family only to disappear
beyond the thoughts of this nation/man.
I will remember all mothers who fight off the drunken rebel and the tyranny of their broken lives.
I will remember all the women and men who fought and died in the struggle to stay sane in our world gone mad.
I will remember Memorial Day as the nation of men and women who died fighting off the tyranny to make our country free from the evils of mankind.
Our Gererations of Love comes streaming through the Valley to our Hearts.

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