Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bought some drugs from a drug dealer.

I can finally bend a little so I did some dishes.
I am going to have to mow tomorrow or the next. The next will let me heal a little better.
Tomorrow I will watch the Indy 500. I do not keep up with those cars so it is just a spectacle for me. I used to watch most of the Indy races but I got soured on them.

Mom bought some drugs from a drug dealer (Walmart) and I took some drugs yesterday to relieve my back ache; Aleve (a 12 hour plunker) and a drug rub for my back Tylenol Back Rub. They let me do a little more and relieved some of the pain but this morning my head was sluggish (woozy) and had some balance problems (ear fluid thickens). I did some head fluid exercises and I feel good this afternoon. No more drugs for me unless I have too.

I got up to check the weather and to take my medicine.
I just took my medicine. Because my back was out mom buried our orange cat near our Canna's where the ground is soft. Our oldest cat got run over out in front and it was the day after I hurt my back so doing anything was out of the question. I kept thinking of some place to bury her and was perplexed as to where there was soft soil other than our garden. The Canna's were a good place as we never dig them up and the soil is entirely mulch.

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  1. So sorry about your cat. Rest and let your back heal.