Monday, May 9, 2011

Abandoned in Pasadena

My sisters blog is called, "Abandoned In Pasadena". Were we abandoned or were we the victims of circumstance as in my mother disappeared and my father was where?
Did my father know what happened to my mother?
I was 3 and my sister was 1.
How did we get to our grandparents (I went to my mothers parents and Sandy went to my fathers parents).
Mom (Motherkitty) has some answers but I always seem to forgot the facts and always assume the truth.
Every Mothers Day we are reminded that our mother is gone (sometimes during the year).
It is a great puzzle to me and my sister (or a big family secret); we have no clues other that assumptions and speculations.
I sometime assume that my mother is planted under some tree at the Huntington Library. What a great memorial. I know that what is left of my mother is on the planet earth (alive or a whisper).

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  1. I believe in alien beings, because I find it so unbelievable to think that of this vast huge solar system and universe that we live in, that we are the only living beings to exist. So perhaps, our mother was taken away by some alien space creatures. It's highly unlikely but another possibility for her absence.