Sunday, March 13, 2011

OK- huh!

I thought I would post this, then read or see it.
Mom got up at 0430 (0330 yesterday) and she said ugh! as her morning greeting to me. I told her to veg out today at work. It is Sunday. She can spend her day in the lounge watching cartoons with the old tired employees.
Shingles came up in a conversation yesterday and I cringed remembering what a pain in the ass they are. I took two dosing's of cough syrup in the last 20 hours and I am going to keep it up until my lungs are nice and clean.
I think Kentucky plays basketball today. I missed the game yesterday because of my travel schedule.

1 comment:

  1. We really enjoyed having you here and I thoroughly enjoyed sparing with you. No one will argue as fearsly with me as you, and I need that every once in a while to clean out the cob weds in my brain.
    You are a joy to be around. Love you very much.