Sunday, November 28, 2010

Volunteer Hours 43 Hours a Week.

Warren Buffett said he envied those that volunteer their time for society.
So I thought to my self how much of my time is used to help mankind or are volunteer hours in their life.
So I decided to add it up.

Things I do:
I stay away from chemicals if I can.
I plant and stay organic.
I do not liter or condone it.
I write my congressman.
I stand up on a soapbox.
I am very strict on my family as to what is right or wrong.
I am for what is good for society.
I volunteer my time and spend my money on websites.
I say I am moderate, society says I am liberal.

I spend 20 hours a week working on NARFE material, writing NARFE letters and writing on NARFE websites and blogs.

I created and maintain the Wicket Lock and Dam website. 5 hours a week.
I created and maintain the Ohio River 3 Day Forecast website. 5 hours a week.
I created the keep up with what the hippies did at Morningstar Commune and store their thoughts. 5 hours a week.
Miscellaneous blogs and websites. 5 hours a week.
Writing my history. 3 hours a week.

I added up the time and came up with: 43 hours a week.

I have been doing some of this prior (I started laurelrose in 1998) to my retirement from the United States Army Corps of Engineers.
I joined NARFE (National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association) after my retirement from the Federal Government.
I became our local chapter president and created a local chapter website.
I became the Federation Network Coordinator for the Kentucky Federation of Chapters after creating a Kentucky NARFE website.

I have been creating and maintaining this lifestyle since my retirement.


  1. Pat yourself on the back. You deserve it!

  2. Some days it gets tough. Today I feel great and mentally feel fine.