Saturday, November 13, 2010

Peace on Earth, good will toward men

Some of the leave are still on the trees in Western Kentucky. I would say half and half, I think it was the great amount of rain before the wind and hard freeze last month. It has been warm this month of November.
It is nice out this morning just like it was yesterday. We spent the day in Paducah and boy are my legs tired. It seems my back problem went to the hamstrings behind my knees. It is a constant fight in believing in my ability to be well and the aging process of the planet/my body.
I feel great and my mind is a wonderful tool to dwell upon . My thoughts are right on for the planet as a whole society (life, trees, insects, birds, mammals, creatures below and above the waters as well as all the lighting and fires, dirt and rocks) and a gift from god. My little garden.
Our little family of man wants so much for themselves. Their little minds are political thieves, raging hormones of violence and our moderate moods.
Societies toys are magically insane but yet I still dwell on peace on earth goodwill toward mankind. The mind is so amazing.

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  1. We still have some leaves on the trees too but I want to know it it's as dry there as it is here? I've never ever before seen such dry conditions with the normally green grass a brown color. The fields are brown looking everywhere we ride, even the horse farms of Lexington.