Thursday, November 18, 2010

Overcast skies and light rain with temperatures in the low 40's. We have a chill in our warm home and winter throats.
I spent the noon hours with our NARFE Group. I am the youngest of the group so I was re-elected President as were the other officers. I asked each of them to contact their congressmen when they needed to and wanted to. I told them an easy way to do that is via the Internet but they are old school that used the old computers using keyboards, data cards and monster mainframe computers. Some live out in the country where dial up or expensive dishes are the only options. I did tell them that the library has great service and the librarian would help them if need be as I would.
Mom is off today and we plan to move her computer to the kitchen table. But mom loves Harry Potter.

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  1. The Harry Potter movies have all been on TV back to back and I have been missing them cause I have no DVR, boo hoo. I'm a fan too and have seen them all at the movies with Brandon but I'd like to see them again from the beginning.