Saturday, November 20, 2010

The White House Blog

I spent the good morning just typing and doing a little housekeeping. I learned the other day that my walking and standing days are over. Well I can go from here to there and gossip but my days at standing and walking for hours are done. I may lose weight as mom says by eating smaller portions and that may reduce the pressure on my spine. I can get up and do things, lift things, make things but the standing for long periods of time or walking on a treadmill are over. I can bicycle on a machine for some time and that is great on me but walking, window shopping are at an end.
But my mind can wonder and wander, painting landscapes and smearing gossip onto chalkboards and quiet computers.
I have been up a long time so maybe I'll find me a football game to watch or maybe I can peek at the Kentucky Basketball game I recorded.
I also stop by The White House Blog to get the thoughts of our administration.

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  1. I'm sorry that you can no longer walk for any distances. I have trouble sitting too long because it is starting to make my hip hurt, so I've had to step back away from the computer a little. I won't give it up, but I don't stay on it for any length of time.
    Maybe that bicycle exercise will help your back and build up the muscles around your spine so that pain is slower to arrive.
    Take care and wish you would just get in the car and drive on over for tomorrows dinner at our house. You don't ever need an invitation and are always welcome here anytime. Remember...we have a blowup mattress that can be put up at a moments notice.
    Love you