Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Good morning it is 50 degrees this morning and I think the rain has stopped. We have a fall low cloud cover which is almost a fog as it dips very close to the ground. The humidity is high but our heat has dried my mouth as winter heat does. (Teapot sings). Tea and honey will comfort my palate and song.
All our wall frames and photos are on our sofa, they were taken from our walls when we planned our move to Murray. The walls were patched of all holes at that time and painted. The photos were placed in our sons closet in anticipation of our movement. Hard times have made it impossible to sell this home at a profit and moving is just a gesture in time.
My throat has been comforted but the everlasting harshness is present below the comfort. This sounds like a fight to the finish between my body and ill. I know what to do and I will prevail.

We let George in the house last night (a cat) because he was soaked and wanted no part of the inclement weather. After he had dried he slept with mom the whole night just as Tiger Lily had done when she could jump up.
The frames and photos may still be there when the holidays come and pass. Maybe I will put them back in the closet for the winter.
Mom thinks a nice big blow up bed will do for the kids when they visit. My sister had one and it worked very well.


  1. Well I see that every loan shark out there has responded to your blog about moving to Murray and wants to lend you the money. Don't fall for it.

  2. I'll take a personal UNSECURED loan for $500 million please. Please mail it to my P.O. Box.