Monday, October 18, 2010

Good Morning. Times are tough in Western Kentucky. My wife works and gets bad mouthed for doing her job. That's policy and there is nothing we can do about it. If you do not like it you know what you can do. Corporate America is not governed by the United States Constitution they are governed by policy. You have heard that they would pay a lawyer $1,000,000 to settle a suit than give in to what is right in America. Corporate America thumbs their nose at law as they did in Louisiana (Katrina and Gulf Oil). They will put dummies into office before helping families heal wounds.
If you ask parents they will tell you that they had it better in their teens than today's teens. Today all teens can look forward to is minimum wages and no retirement plus a 60 hour work week at two jobs or join the military then retire as a mercenary to protect corporations.
I wouldn't have a chance today. My hard labor would only buy me social security. I am not college educated or can be. I am a rebel that wants my parents to live in peace and they never will as long as guns are shipped to Mexico by big Corporate Americans. Mexico is overrun by hard working drug lords that have more power than any nation on the planet.

Each bullet has a name of a human being on it.
How many deaths can you count just in this photo.
Who owns the factory that supplies these bullets?
Is he a Democrat or Republican or does he really care?

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