Saturday, October 23, 2010

Good Morning, it is dark out and it is above 50 degrees outside at the moment. I wonder if that means fall drizzles? Well today it will be nice then 3 days of rain.
I awoke with a mouth full of cotton or one of the cats slept on my head. It took a good scrubbing and brushing and a cup of coffee to feel presentable. Does this mean I am headed for a cold or sore throat?
Mom has to be at work at 0700 this morning. The deer are still out but the traffic is light at this hour of the morning, but the young are moving fast.
I washed my cloths from the trip yesterday and since I awoke with cotton in my mouth I think I will wash bedding today and fix our cat house with the heater Sandy sent us (house warming gift). We talked at great length at Jimmy and Sandy's as to how to winterize places for the cats and they came up with great solutions. Cats are finicky and independent but they sure love a winter nest and that is what we will provide.


  1. that looks just like my new baby:)

  2. Yes, that is Sharon's new baby.
    Love the pictures of all the cat houses, gives me ideas.
    I'm assuming by your remark that you got the "house warming gift.' hahaha
    I'm sure that your kitties will love it as much as mine do.