Tuesday, October 5, 2010

From essortment

"Most women of this era are far from the apron-toting June Cleavers of the past, and since independence crosses all walks of life, it follows that car mantanance is no longer just a man's job. Old or new, warranty or not, having a few simple tips at hand could save you potential problems.

The number one priority is to know your vehicle. The manual or handbook manufacturers provide is not just something that you toss in the glove box and forget about. It contains all the basics. Type of fuel required, size of your gas tank, type of engine, tire size, tire inflation

, fuse replacement spedifications and diagrams, instrument panel diagram, and usually a general maintenance schedule.

This schedule outlines when to change the oil and filters, rotate tires and change of season considerations, such as adding anti-freeze and summer coolants. If you have a manufacturers warranty, then you may be obligated to follow this schedule. Any problems that may occur in the future, found to be caused by maintenance neglect, may not be covered or may void your warranty.

It is wise to set up a spreadsheet (Google Calendar Reminders) to keep track of all maintenance, fuel consumption and driving practices. This will give you, at a glance, a good history of your vehicle should you need it."

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  1. Everyone, man or woman, should know proper maintenance of their vehicle. And if they don't they can always take it to a mechanic and ask him to check it out. I used to take my jeep in to have it winterized and all the hoses & fluids checks but now I have Jimmy.