Friday, October 1, 2010

Economists are Wealthy

The Democratic fall is normal following the economy. The Republican fall is worse. The Tea Party is a revolution of those losing money, jobs and a convenient way for human beings going for the spotlight.
I heard this morning that most folks were worried about their savings. I find that odd, most folks are unemployed and if they are working they are just working just to stay alive. Savings and taxes are a luxury of the wealthy.

The government can never be small as long as we are the government. When government is taken away from the individual then we lose what our founders wanted.
Our founding fathers wanted us to be able to revolt (The Tea Party ) and our founding fathers wanted us to have a voice in Congress to discuss our problems. The two party system is not part of our Constitution. The Two Party system is two unions and now 3 parties of folks that agree with each other.

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