Sunday, October 31, 2010

Are we becoming a country where a women can be stepped on and the world justifies it with words.
I know the big business is so smug that they know they have won the election. No Compromise was their slogan. They knew that you would blame congress and vote them out. Are they smart with that voice of no compromise.
The president wants to compromise with the conservatives and he thinks he can, we think he can, they know they will not and smile. We will blame congress.
Was it the color of his skin? Was it because of that charming smile? What is it that makes people want to cringe. Is it the bankers that are holding their money and not turning it loose.
We are turning back the clock, will women loose their vote, will the 40 hour work week disappear?
Will unions feel like crooks? Will big business give you a pension? Will the stock market rise and fall to make money for its players of your taxes, wages and pensions?
They are playing a game and they are winning, they have the army to prove it and it is not the federal government that I am talking about it is Corporate America and its hired guns.

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  1. Compromise would have been allowing the Republican party members into their secret closed door meetings about the healthcare plan. Compromise would have been televising it all on C-Span as promised.
    No more compromising with our money. We're going to keep our money and cut government spending.