Wednesday, September 29, 2010

About Work

When did I decide to work?
It was somewhere between New York and Chicago. It may have been in Pennsylvania when the farmer asked me to be a bodyguard, all I had to do was clean up and stand around in front of someone. Or in Detroit when the three young black hoods/brothers picked me up and started flashing their knives and stuff, I said "Far out and Peace brother, we are family". They said, "Man you're O.K." and drove me back three miles to where they picked me up. They said "Keep the Faith, keep up the good work". What they were up to I did not know? I saw them as human beings, that was how I treated everyone.
I caught another ride to Chicago. In downtown Chicago, I headed for the bus depot, bus depots have maps. And a map was what I needed. At the bus depot I found the map on the wall. I took out the letter from Kathy. In the corner of the letter was an address for Laurel. I read the map, found the street address and started walking. While walking I found a place where they print the Bibles that are in hotels everywhere. If you look you see. I found Laurel's address and rang the doorbell. I was buzzed up. I greeted everyone. It was the weekend, we had time to do fun things and feast, I learned that Laurel was a dancer. I learned that she had worked at CBS in New York. I learned that she was now working for a PR firm. I learned that Laurel was extremely intense and tense. I learned that she was the type of person that would not back away from a fight. She would fight man or women and kick their ass. We were completely opposite. I was laid back, a go with the flow type guy. Ambo and I saw that the city was going to kill her. The muscles in her shoulders were like steel, tense. She loved us because we were relaxed and pleasant. I never knew the relationship between Ambo and Laurel. I knew they were friends.

Here is a story about working on this planet.

I was in my mind heading in the direction of going back to work. I knew that I could live in peace and still work. I knew that we were a civilization of men. I could live in peace and work. I did not have to work, I found it convenient to have some way to barter. Everyone was surprised when I said I was going back to work. Mentally I was not going to take any more abuse from the law in California. I could do my thing on my own. After Kathy and Ambo left, Laurel said I could not find work dressed like that. She took charged, organize things is what Laurel does know what to do. She trashed everything that I had. I kept the belt from Sylvia, I laid a little oil on it. Laurel put a bowl over my head and did a little trimming. Monday morning I went out to find work. I soon learned that if you have not worked in over a year people are a little puzzled? They want questions answered. I gave them answers, they smiled and wished me luck. I soon found that if I went over to ManPower that they had jobs that no one wanted, with one exception, Tomas. Tomas wanted to work.
Spiritually, working was where it was at. There is no explanation for this, it is just being with God or I am a being just with God. The jobs I did were not pleasant and they lasted only six or seven hours. These jobs were to help people get caught up. They were menial, hard and filthy. I finally landed a job that I got to keep. I did the job so well that my department manager brought people over to see how efficiently I was doing the job. I created quite a stir with my desire to do the job right at a minimum wage. They could not believe that I could make a shit job into a work of art. I was taking up space and time, I was being. My head was in it's proper place. I had been taught well at Tolstoy and Morningstar.

More on Work
I remember Kyle asking me if I wanted to go to a Buddhist monastery somewhere near Carmel in California....

"Carrying water and chopping wood are the activities of the Buddha,"
"The everyday mind is Buddha,"

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