Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Morning

Good Morning,

I feel good this Sunday morning. mom said she wants to go swimming today. We relaxed yesterday mom made some bread in the bread machine. I checked the pool and it was fine or balanced.
The sun is shinning this morning. 
I think you all noticed that I go on themes here and on Facebook; I take  mental journeys, we are not the rich folk that flies the friendly skies.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Burley Tobacco

Good Morning,
It rained after I mowed yesterday and it rained last night. It is 72 degrees outside this morning and at the moment it is still dark out there. I feel good mentally and physically. 
Some folks are showing us tobacco barns on Facebook that still look fine. I remember coming to Kentucky in about 1962. I do not smoke nor most folks I know smoke anymore but back in the early 1960's when I arrived here in Lexington area it was burly and the cats. Which I knew nothing about.   In 1962 everyone in Kentucky had a tobacco patch and around Lexington it was nothing but first class burly of the highest quality. Schools would let out to work tobacco. No chemicals hand picked weed free and bug free leaves. Every family would have an allotment of land to work tobacco.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Mowing the Grasses

Good Morning,
It is 72 degrees outside and inside our home at this moment in time 4:45 AM; I am up early this morning; not as early as yesterday where I was up at 1:45 AM.  I did cat nap at  4:00 AM and at 3:00 PM plus a little before the convention final moments.
I think I will mow the grasses in our yard today.
Taken from Southwestern Telephone pole
Taken from Sinkhole looking west
Taken from South Western Telephone Pole
Taken from Street Northwest side.
Taken from Cannas mid yard

Taken from Canna's mid yard
Taken from culvert northeast Street looking south

Taken from Canna's mid yard Looking south at sinkhole 
Taken from deck looking southeast
Taken from deck looking southeast

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pulling Weeds and Hauling Rocks

Good Morning,
I pulled weeds and hauled rock around our air conditioner yesterday before the rains came down. It is overcast and looking like rain this morning but the weather folks tell us the rain is done until this afternoon; I think the rain has left the area but it looks steamy. My next step it to put the weather striping and screens on the fences.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

In the Dumps

I learned some time ago that wanting was a bitter pill to take.
I was lucky as a child to be around my grandmother Arellanes who believed in the Garden of Eden; the magical place where the lion laid down with the lamb. Later on in life I met a girl who cared about me and as a family lived quite well with each other because they were good. I did not realize it at the time but if you are with good people, good feelings rub off on you making life in the brain a little better. When I went in the service I met a 4.0 gentleman who was truly a good man and some of that rubbed off on this body of mine. When I dropped out I met the lovely ladies of the communes who cared about my being and those feelings were felt deep in the system that is now my body and environment.
The emotional roller coaster of life is tempered by the damper of cool, a place where I understand what life gives us and that is life where the blood pressure is high but normal, where pain moves around my structure knowing that time gives us a cliché of wonderful color and sensibility.

I learned some time ago that wanting was a bitter pill to take.


Good Morning,

I like the communication skills that our smart phones have especially the text portion. I use it privately to tell folks what is pertinent in our life styles. I like the dictionary portion of the Internet search and how you can look up a word and hear how it is pronounced. 
I feel good mentally and physically.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Dark Outside and a Cool Dude

Good Morning,
I am up early; normally I am up early. It is dark and 76 degrees outside this morning. It is 73 degrees inside our home.
In weather like this we need something to cool us off:
 Willis Carrier and the first air conditioner
 Our home Air Conditioner
And a Cool Dude

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Talon at the Party

Good Morning,
We went to Murray to a Bowling Birthday Party, I had a wonderful time; mom and I were broke because our brakes on our van went out, so we went to Murray without any funds to treat anyone we wished  to treat. But we had a great time and I made a video of the children mostly Talons school friends bowling and generally having a great time. Here a photo of Talon and his school friends.
Here is photo of Talon, back row far right.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Rock and Mulch

Good Morning,
It is dark outside at the moment; I am not sure about the temperature but I will get up and look, "Hold on a few seconds?" It is 76 degrees outside at the moment and 72 degrees indoors at the moment. I feel good mentally and physically.
I mowed the grasses damp (a lot of dew) yesterday and then it rained, I had not finished but I waited about 2 hours then finished mowing. I watched some Netflix TV shows with mom
I have plenty of grass clippings to pick up and I have just the place for them. In the photo at left I need a lot of mulch on each side of the rock path. Plus I need to place rock and  mulch around/near the air conditioner below.
When I mowed near the area where the city worked I mowed so the wet clipping went in the bare soil areas below.

When I mowed near the area where the city worked I mowed so the wet clipping went in the bare soil areas above. Some time next week I will sow grass seed in the area above or I may have the kids do it.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Kitten and Mom

Good Morning,
Mom is sitting outside on the deck opening a can of cat food. Hoping that the kitten will come and eat. The kitten did come and eat while mom sat in the chair.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

27 Topeka Avenue

Good Morning,
When I got out of the service in 1962 I went and lived in San Jose where the smog did not burn my eyes as it did in Los Angeles. I got a job at a car wash and lived on Topeka Avenue. I used to go downtown San Jose and go to the show or eat out. One of the things I saw (plus the young lady in her soiled white wedding dress (recurring theme on my trips to San Jose)) was young muscled men in their 30’s pushing wheel-barrows of cement up an incline to the third floor of a new construction in downtown San Jose.

I had a one room apartment with a kitchen in back; I kept the place spotless scrubbing it clean as a whistle and waxing the floors on my hands and knees.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Good Morning.
Our male cat Johnny was gone for 2 days and we were worried about him; last night I looked out and saw Johnny laying under the glass table and with him was a kitten; I told mom and looked out, then went out and picked up the kitten ( which she said was feral and wild); mom came in and got some cat food and fed all the cats, including the kitten.
Yesterday while we were getting ready to swim, one of the water lines broke in two and showered the area; I turned off the pump; assessed the problem and went swimming after shutting off the valves to the area. Today I fix the problem. I went out this morning and was working on cleaning the area to be fixed and preparing the lines to be fixed when the kitten started playing near me and not paying attention to me until I head to the back door; then the kitten bolted for cover.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Grass Mulch

Good Morning,
I hear birds outside this morning; the ringing in my ears; mom's TV and the fan blowing cool air across our rooms. At the moment it is dark outside; when daylight arrives I will go out and pick up grass clippings; I will place some around our Roma tomatoes up in front of our home; I will place some grass clippings on the path to our water faucet in back; some near the pool where I stand to start the solar heater and back flush the pool; some around our cherry tomatoes up front near the climbing tree and some near the crawl space path under our home. I am not sure whether I will have enough to do all these things.
In the photo below I now have Early Girl tomatoes where the rake is, a mulch path along the wall to the electric meter and all the rest of the mulch I moved to the Canna's.

Xavier, Talon, Eliana and Kynedi in the climbing tree
near the Cherry Tomatoes
10:30 AM
I did do the mulching and there was only one place I did not finish and that was the crawl space, I did some good there but I will have weeds come up there.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Rutted Areas of 2016 and Tomatoes

Good Morning,
I hear birds out there in the dark; it is still dark outside; I did fill up the bird feeder yesterday and the birds love that. Yes we do have bees and a few hummingbirds and butterflies.Mom wants to mow today but we have a lot of ruts; maybe I will mow the rutted area below.
Rutted Areas 
above and below
I am still lifting sod and burying rock.
11:30 AM

I mowed and picked tomatoes; I have a system for the ruts I mow parallel with the ruts; running the mower over the ruts at a 90 angle is a killer on our backs. I know where they are so I just mowed when I get the ruts level I will mow like I used too.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Flowers and Bees


The other day after we got gas we decide to go to McDonald's and get a coke and biscuit in our morning commute. As we turned into the McDonald's driveway our van just quit and the vehicle rolled onto the curb and brushed against the hedge and came to a halt. My wife had no control; we we going slow so the momentum was only in a few feet before stopping. That was why our vehicle was recalled.
Today they put in a new gas tank in our van; the problem was in the tank so that is why we got a new tank.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Ebb Tide

Man has segmented the whole of life into seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. We have used the cycles of the movement of the earth and it turns to face the sun in an equal warning of the earth. The earth spins at a rate of 1037 miles per hour and an alarming speed to maintain an axis
There are segment of time facing the sun in the spectrum of coming and going. We have slice the planet with time lines. At my age I await the day my retirement check comes in so I may navigate and survive on this planet. 
Each moment in time is a keystroke of time. I have learned to bow to god and her creations at each stroke of my pen. Life is a prayer to the existence of our time on this spinning object called earth.
We in our minds paint a picture of our creator and our time. I do not dare to stop but I know that I will; maybe this mind can splatter creations of color and speak as I see the planet.

Moved Rock

 Rock path to crawl space.
 The ruts under the rocks are much deeper that the ruts you see.
The green clumps are the sod I laid.
I moved the white rock to the center cover, 
pulled weeds, laid rock and covered it with the white rock.