Saturday, April 30, 2016



Good Morning,

My feet are cold, I have special socks with skid footing just for a time like this, a time for warm feet.

I have a buzzer/timer on my phone that tell me when something happens if I select t do so and at the moment I have it set to ring when the dryer stops. When that happens I just go to the dryer and fold my clothes or hang them up.

I must say our rain is a constant; I did mow before the rain and I am sure that when the rain is over I will be going to town to get some Ethanol-Free gas for my mower; I always said that here in Kentucky we mow twice a week in the Spring. If you do not mow then the mosquitoes will harvest blood on our bodies.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Book Fair and Computer Class

Good Morning,
Mom and I went to a computer class at the library yesterday. When we left the library; the library had a table set up in the room we were in that said $1.00 for a sack of books (Plastic Grocery Bag). We got 2 sacks of books; Mom got some Amy Tan Books and I got a 1971 Rodale’s Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening and 7 Drawings of the Masters Books. We each got a sack of books.
I cleaned the pool yesterday and it was not very dirty; I got a bad case of hives from not wearing a long sleeve shirt yesterday and it was a mistake on my part. Today I will mow before the rain (between 0900 and 1300).
Mom planted some flowers yesterday in some big pots; we have some vegetable seeds left over from years back and I may plant them in pots just to see if they grow.
Today will be overcast and the solar heater does not do well when it is overcast. If the temperature outside the pool is below 68 degrees with no sun then it is not practical to use the solar heater.
I feel good mentally and physically.
Our cupboards were bare so we made a stop at Conrad's for bread, cheese, milk and eggs. to get us to the first of of the month.
Our new umbrella is a rectangle 10' X 5'. I had to adjust it yesterday because it was spinning in the wind; the old tightening knob was worn out so I put a new one in.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Record Data

Good Evening,
When I was at the Dam I recorded the gauge (water elevation) every hour into a weather book. When I was in the Navy I dropped a heavy weighted rocket over the side of the ship twice a day to record the water temperature at particular depths at a particular places in the ocean (Latitude and Longitude). The rocket had a crank and cable to bring it back up.
Sometime during the 1980's the government hired college students to enter all the data into computers from  the oceans; from all the ships traveling over the seas. They also entered all the data into computers from the weather books from all the lock and dams times.
Today we have satellites and GPS to record all the data.

Pool Test

H T H Pool Test

Good Morning,
I turned on the pool heater this morning; I will checked the temperature in a minute; It was 68 degrees. Today is the first day of sunshine since I have had the solar heater hooked up.
We went to a computer class at the library, after that we went shopping for groceries (basics). We got home about 1200 noon and had lunch from the Deli.
After lunch we went out and adjusted the umbrella (stopped it from spinning) and mom planted some flowers in big pots for the deck. I may plant some vegetables in pots on the deck tomorrow if it does not rain.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Raining Again

Good Morning,

When you get old your feet get cold; I cleaned our pool, checked the properties of the pool, back washed it, added chemical to the pool, washed and folded my clothes, swept the floors. I was going to write an  article about Spring Sprint but I will let mom do it; she is a better writer and does nicer articles.
I am going to sit and relax; it is cloudy outside and it looks like rain.
We got an umbrella for our deck table; I destroyed the last one; we also got some paint for the deck; all we need is some help and a nice comfortable day that is in the 80's above that we get forced to move to quickly. ideal is 70- 80 degrees. Here is the color we picked (the deck will look as nice as new) but this will make it look presentable to our eyes. I do not plan to do anything else but the deck, the hand rails can wait (I only got enough paint for the horizontal boards we walk on).
We had a little over 1 " of rain in our gauge on the mail box.
It just started raining again; RADAR above; I am glad I did my chores outside this morning before the rain; the bottom photo of the RADAR shows the break in the clouds where and when I did my chores outside.
The rain stopped about noon here in Marion.
We just finished lunch; bacon and eggs and tortillas.
Washed the deck and the glass table, put the new umbrella up and replaced a broken cap on the bottom of the sand filter with a new one. The new umbrella is a rectangle with the longest side the same length as the glass table.
Dolly has turned into an inside cat thanks to the horny kitten outside. Loretta still has no clue when to stop eating, she just knows that she has to eat to survive.
We are going to Walmart after the concert to get a bike for Eliana. We hope to have everyone have a bike so you can ride them as a family to the Arboretum. $100 bikes are suitable for whoever wants one. Our Pleasure.
I can teach Talon to do maintenance on a bike, simple, have him gather his tools together and maybe borrow Eliana's tools.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Good Morning,
I just cleaned the pool at daylight and I did some caulking on some water fittings before daylight; I wanted to give the caulk time to dry (it is very slow to dry and will wash out if it is not dry); when it is dry it will stop leaks. I will not use the solar heater for about 4 hours; maybe the caulk will set up and stop the leaks. I was successful yesterday in applying the proper barb connectors to the pool solar panel. It was a good fix with no leaks.
I feel good this morning. It is a beautiful spring day in Western Kentucky; I hear the crickets and the sound of electricity moving through our home or is it just ringing in my ears.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Nail Polish

I could not fix my pool solar panel hole but I have a trick that I am going to use that work a long time ago for me. I fixed a broken fishing rod this way and a drain pipe this way with no tools other than what I had on hand. The first thing I need is a tube (straw), some Spider Wire Fishing line and some finger nail polish or acrylic paint.The stick to itself tape is as thin as a rubber band. The fire wire is fishing line. The brown tube is plastic or rubber.
I did not have to do this as I bought the proper size fitting (the video said 1/4 inch fitting), but this pool solar panel needs a 3/16 of an inch fitting. (solar video).

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Solar Panel Leak and Repair Barb Connector

Good Morning,

We sprung a leak in our solar panel and I looked it up on YouTube and someone provided an answer. It was pretty devastating yesterday when I had everything hooked up and mom saw water coming from the solar panel; we are pretty sure that the wind caught the panel and created the leak. Other than that everything worked as planned. The electric plug in was covered with ants and that caused a problem at first but it later was fine.
I will get the panel fixed this afternoon. I feel fine mentally and physically. Hopefully they have them in town; we used to have them with our aquarium supplies but I think I trashed them; I will look out in the garage. I have seen similar coupling in the hardware stores.

3/16 of an inch barb connector for the solar panel above and below.

SunHeater Solar Heating System | 2- 2'x20' Panels 80 sq. ft. | S421P

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pool Time

Good Morning,
Our pool is just hours from being swim ready and I will be happy to be at that stage; it is 55 degrees outside our home and 70 degrees inside our home.
Our home is a small brick home; it is not made of straw; it is not made of stick; it is made of bricks. Not lavish but useful, economical and comfortable. One thing we will do is place another toilet in this home. The best place is the computer room closet. The next thing we will do is get a whole home generator; but that will be after we get our facilities fixed.
It is quiet here at home; I do hear my crickets which is really ringing in my ears; it is not annoying; I guess it would be if I wanted not to hear it and made a big deal about it; such a big deal that I would obsess about it and plead to god to please make it stop it just keeps on ringing - god please make it stop. But there is no obsession on my part as the ringing is my payback for listening to music very loud. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Pool Quiet

It is quiet here in town; I do hearing ringing in my ears, the sun is shinning through the window and there is a very bright mark on the hallway wall created by the sunshine coming in a window in some other room; I would assume Allison's Room. The school buses are running from time to time. It is almost light enough for me to go out and check the pool.
Just come in to take a break; working on the pool; I am about to get the solar panels hooked up; I am not sure how they will fit in but when I get there I will figure something out. This photo below is how they were before.

Behr Solid Waterproofing Chart

Good Morning,
This morning I will check all my lines on the pool and make sure that they are water tight; I will also check the pool for chemicals needed; I will clean the pool as needed. I have the pool looking like we could jump right in but it was a chilly 69 degrees yesterday. I may jump in and set up the steps; Burr r!!
I may finish cleaning the deck, last week I cleaned half of it. I may also scrub it and bleach it to remove any black looking like mold (normal).
I feel good this morning mentally and physically.
I went online and tried to pick a color for our deck; it would be a solid waterproof stain from Behr. This is what I have so far. It also depends on what computer I use to select the colors.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

National Ad

Good Morning,
Raining outside this morning;
We went to our NARFE meeting at the public library, the library air conditioner was out in our meeting room so we sat in the regular area where they had the air turned up pretty cool and the women at the meeting were cold.
 I have to put together an add for the District to go to the National Convention Booklet. I guess I better get that done. I started work on the ad; it is a black and white ad (a Nice Gray Scale photo that will print well (Kentucky Horse Farm Photo)).I got part of it done but I could not do the rest because I was not allowed into the area I need to go to. I normally have access to that area but not today; I wrote to them a few minutes ago and hopefully before the day is over I will have access again.
I filled and cleaned the pool yesterday after the meeting; I will do that again today; I will go around on the ladder and clean the bottom of the pool. The water temperature of the pool is about 68 degrees; I still have to hook up the heater (money is the problem at the moment) I cut the solar heater out of the system last year and this year I have to put it back in. At the moment it is running with out the solar system being attached. 
Today mom and I are going to figure out what electric circuits are working and then mark them on the board. A lot of them are marked and some are not marked. We need two 110 volt circuits for the new pump we are getting to replace the lines outside our home.
Mom and i found all the circuits just now and I think we have some extra to use.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mow, Clear and Clean Deck

Good Morning,
I am having my coffee late; I had to do a report for NARFE this morning; tomorrow is my local NARFE meeting here in town.
I re-potted all the tomatoes yesterday, one broke and may be dead some other did not like the sun and may be in shock whatever some are still alive and doing fine; I going to look out and see how they are doing; be back in a minute; the tomato plants are OK except the ones that were having problems and the one that was broken. Nothing has changed since last night. I checked the pool and it is warming up but the bottom is filthy as it was a few days ago. I have ignored it while I as preparing the plants and the deck. Today I mow the grasses in the yard before it rains tonight.
X300 John Deere

1200 noon
I finished mowing; Allison and mom cut down all the tree seedling that were all coming up wild. I loaded an old push mower and all the left over tomato plants into the Red Truck. Allison will take them home to Murray.

Monday, April 18, 2016

At the City Dump

Good Morning,
Hi. I hear the trash man across the street at the school bus garage they come there about every other day. They had a free dump days Friday and Saturday at the City Dump where you are allowed to bring big stuff like old lawn mowers, kitchen stoves and just about anything you normally cannot put in a trash can. Free Dump Days Started out in Western Kentucky because folks in this part of the country had been dumping their trash in ditches, sinkholes and steep cliffs over looking creeks so  the counties in Western Kentucky Started the Free Dump Days to encourage folks to clear their yards of trash and generally make Western Kentucky very beautiful.
We made two trips to the dump and the line to the dump was long and those big trash units were being filled rapidly as folks kept coming with their trash.
Well we took the day off yesterday so today I am planting tomatoes up front and re-potting the plants I have left in bigger pots to go to Allison's.
I feel good this morning mentally and physically. After I re-pot the plants then maybe I will clean the deck with a hose then start cleaning out the bottom of the pool.
I think I will start early while it is cool and when it gets hot I will clean the pool. If I get it real clean then I can cool off in it.

I just dug up a space for my Roma Tomatoes and boy was that space rich in compost; I just need to add some potting soil and manure to that spot and those tomatoes will be in heaven.
I am in to cool off a bit and then I will get the space ready for tomatoes. I have to transfer the soil I dug up to my lawn mower wagon and then use my wheel barrow to mix the soil to go around the tomatoes. I think a new wheel barrow would be a good present or grandpa.
We just planted the Roma's up front; I put the trellis in front of the Roma's to deter any deer, I hope it works; I am inside resting and mom is outside watering her plants. The next job is to replant the Early Girl and Roma's in pots. I will try to use ice cream buckets for 6 plants and smaller containers for the rest of the plants. We will bring them down on our next trip to Murray (probably payday).

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Solid Color Weatherproofing Wood Stain

Remarkable Event - Remarkable Spring

Good Morning, 
We seem to have taken the day off yesterday after going to the dump; Bless these  tired bodies; we got a call from Martha a friend from Cub Scouts.She went to Paducah to try to and find old photos  from a Photo Studio that went out of business, The owner left the photos to the church. Martha said she saw our name on a group of photos and she brought them back home and called us. Remarkable. I think mom called you to tell you about the photos.
I think you should put mom on a special ring on your phone.
We both feel good this morning, mentally and physically.
The tomatoes are doing fine outside in their bed of soil; we did not plant the Roma's yet we just kind of quit for the day. We did eat birthday cake and ice cream.
I just had my second cup of coffee and mom got her tea this morning.
Today is the Sun Day or Son Day or as we say in America Sunday. Any of those days is suitable for us here in Western Kentucky. Everyone we talk to absolutely loves the weather as it is today.

I watched this episode of "Ask This Old House" and I loved the idea of asking butterflies, hummingbirds and bees to visit our home. The episode had shade loving plants as well as tall and short plants.

The flowers, shrubs and grasses used were native and adapted species chosen to attract pollinators, and include:

Agastache 'Rosie Posie' (Anise Hyssop)
Amsonia hubrichtii (Blue Star)
Asclepias tub. 'Hello Yellow' (Butterfly Weed)
Baptisia 'Indigo Spires' (False Indigo)
Chelone 'Hot Lips' (Turtleheads)
Echinacea 'Pow Wow Wild Berry' (Coneflower)
Eupatorium 'Little Joe' (Joe Pye Weed)
Dryopteris x australis (Dixie Wood Fern)
Helianthus 'Sunshine Daydream' (Many-flowered Sunflower)
Liatris 'Kobold' (Liatris/Blazing Star)
Penstemon 'Dark Towers' (Beardtongue)
Phlox pan. 'David' (Garden Phlox)
Phlox pan. 'Laura' (Garden Phlox)
Phlox pan. 'Nicky' (Garden Phlox)
Stokesia 'Peachie's Pick' (Stoke's Aster)

Panicum virgatum 'Cape Breeze' (Switchgrass)
Panicum virgatum 'Heavy Metal' (Switchgrass)

Fothergilla gardenii (Dwarf Fothergilla)
Hydrangea quercifolia 'Alice (Oakleaf Hydrangea)
Ilex glabra 'Shamrock' (Inkberry Holly)
Itea virginica 'Henry's Garnet' (Virginia Sweetspire)
Lindera benzoin (Spice Bush)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Plant and Kitchen Greenhouse

Good Morning,
It was a busy day yesterday; we are both fine but tired; we will go to the dump today ( Free Dump Day) ; today they take big stuff. We will also plant 4 Roma Tomatoes up front where the trellis is at the moment.
We had a plant from Joe and Mickey Horcher in our kitchen greenhouse and I took it out to view my tomato plants and the plant from Joe and Mickey was thriving in the greenhouse. I put it on the table and it looks remarkable.
We just got back from the dump; mom is making a chocolate cake for her Birthday.

Friday, April 15, 2016


Good Morning,
I am  little sore this morning; I lifted the bags of soil for the tomatoes from the shelf to the flat cart; I have enough soil to plant 4 Early Girl tomatoes in back, 4 Roma tomatoes on the trellis up front and pot the rest in pots for Allison and the kids. We got two more crawl space vents; we got two the first time to make sure they would fit and work, I think this will be all. There are two more vents left, one is under the deck and I think that one keeps the cats warm in winter and I have no way of getting to that one and the other one is behind the dog house up front and may keep that dog house comfortable even though it is closed. I think I have enough vents to do the job.
I am going to mix these 3 bags together; the white bag is sand and regular dirt; the green bags will make the plants nice and strong I have a layer of rock then manure, potting soil at the bottom of the bed already what I have here pictured here is to go above the manure and rock. I am going to check the weather this morning then plant the tomatoes.
I was out filling more water into the pool and clearing off the glass table which I used as a winter home for the cats; it needs cleaning; I washed two loads of clothes (work clothes and hand towels early before light) and getting dress and ready to plant tomatoes. Breakfast will be soon then outside to bring the soil out of the van and into my cart then back to back yard to mix in my wheel barrow, then plant tomatoes.
10 AM
We just had breakfast and mom is loading the dishwasher and sh says to me, "Did you unload part of this dishwasher?" And I said, "Yes." "Did you know that those dishes were dirty" (I knew my coffee tasted funny!). " Mom your Kentucky cups are up in the cupboard. I put them away." I only unloaded 4 things 2 of my cups and 2 of mom's cups.
All done for the day; I put up a fence around the tomatoes plus the wheel barrow is parked there; we just need the tomatoes to survive the weather. I have I think 5 more Early Girl Tomatoes and a lot of Roma's.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hammer, Chisel and Pry Bar

Good Morning,

I had a busy day yesterday as I removed two crawl space vents with a chisel, pry bar and hammer; I replaced them with an automatic vents (pictured at left (opens at 70 degrees and closes at 40 degrees)). I put them in the freezer to make sure it worked (it did) and then I placed them on the floor and they opened back up. You have to make sure when you put them in not to twist them when you tighten them in (if you twist them they bind and will not work). I will have to check them when the weather gets below 32 degrees this fall. 

After I did that I rested until mom went to a Meeting at 1200 noon. While she was there I finished mowing then picked up the grass clippings. By the time I did that I was tired and sore and mom came home from her meeting.

The vents have a coil like the old thermometers that move at temperature changes.

"A bimetallic strip is composed of two different kinds of metals that have been bonded to each other in a strip. Since the metals react to changes in temperature differently, the strip will curl in one direction or the other (or curl and uncurl, if it is formed into a coil). This can be used to make a transfer that reliably reacts to changes in temperature."

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Good Morning,
The air conditioning folks fixed what they could but need warmer weather to complete their tasks (normal maintenance to the machine out back). Our leak in the floor is fixed and we will not have any more problems; we had a floor vent under the house fall down and they replaced it with a new one.
We also went to Paducah to get some crawl space vents that open and close automatically (40 degrees they close and 70 degrees they open) we have a moisture problem that causes mold and venting the area in warm weather keeps that under control somewhat. 

4:00 PM
I mowed the grasses in the yard when we got home from Paducah yesterday; today I will pick up grass clippings and place them near our crawl space entrance. Mom and I saw Gladiolas we planted this spring coming up in the yard where the Hack berry stump was.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Good Morning,
We both rested yesterday and went to a funeral; we came back tired and exhausted. The furnace man came and went he should come back today. Between mom cooking and doing the dishes she is exhausted too. She made tacos; the day before we had leftover chicken from the store.
We both feel good but we do rest a lot.
Mentally and physically I am fine. I see well and I wear the; I see good without them but with the computer I see much better with the glasses.
Mom said she saw about an inch of rain in the rain gauge; I have not been out there lately to check the gauge. 
 We may mow today to give us more time to pick up the grass clippings and place them near the crawl space door.
I thought about my sister and I thought about my mother and I thought about the situation of being alone after losing someone you love. Mentally I am unique as to being in love as I am mentally in love and there is no need to have someone love me as I know they do as in the situation with my mother; even if she walked away a drug addict or a drunk not giving a shit about the world I know that at one time in her life she loved her children enough to give them away so as to not hurt them; I understand that kind of love as I walked away from love and I know that who I walked away from loved me as well as I loved her and I know if she is happy where she is I am fine with that because she knows I love her. Being in love does not go away with time or distance and love is so powerful that it can consume the planet in my mind. The part about my mom may only be a thought in my mind but it is mine for today only and may disperse like the dust that fairies sprinkle over Cinderella's of the world.

Eric Clapton - Wonderful tonight

Monday, April 11, 2016

Martha Byford

Martha Byford (center)
Laurel and I went to the funeral of a friend this morning at 11 AM. I met Martha at our NARFE meeting. Her husband was the Postmaster here in Marion. She was very kind and fearless and always looking very neat and proper. She had a wonderful smile and was comfortable to be around.

Washers and Keys

Good Morning,
I feel good this morning; mom and I celebrated mom's birthday yesterday and we also cleaned out our miscellaneous drawer in the kitchen. It started out as a washer and key drawer and soon turn into a catch all. I cleaned out all the nuts and bolts and we are back to a washer and key drawer. I think I had tiny screwdrivers in there too. I think there is table slides and drawer bumpers in there too.

Sunday, April 10, 2016


Good Afternoon,
I change my name for this blog as I was on YouTube and someone started moving my mouse around from another computer. So I am writing from another log in.

Under Home

Good Morning,
I went under our home before any rain to check the plumbing, check for termites, check for mold and I found the plumbing to be sound and in good condition. One of our vents to the computer room fell down and a furnace repairman needs to come and access our situation. the floors were in good condition but were wet under the air conditioner and sink area may be the bath area.  
Mom made Birthday BLT's.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Iron in Cereal

Good Morning,

Today I look under the house; I wanted mom to get a plumber to do that and she did not do it; I am not able to do it very well but today I do it. I have to be assured that our plumbing is OK; I am very skeptical about it.
I feel good mentally and physically; I did have two cups of "Cream of Wheat" which is high in iron and you know by instinct what you crave and Cream of Wheat is what I wanted this morning.
Cream of Wheat is made with ground wheat kernels instead of ground corn. It was first manufactured in the United States in 1893 by wheat millers in Grand Forks,
Now for some coffee and toast.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Pool Area

Good Morning,
It rained yesterday mildly and I did do a little work on the pool; we went to town yesterday to do some chores and I felt weak while there; I am sure it was an iron deficiency; I remember while working on the dam that sometimes if I missed a vitamin  or did not supplement my body properly then I suffered from an  iron deficiency. I took a Vitamin last night and I feel good this morning.
I looked outside this morning and the deck was wet; I think that the rain is about done so I may be able to do a little outside on the pool.

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Good Morning,

I hear crickets; no that is the humming in my ears; at one point I thought the sounds were the electricity moving through the wires in our home but no it is crickets, no just the humming in my ears.
I have been up since 0430, Dolly came into the room and was walking across my body as I started watching a movie on TV (For Whom the Bell Tolls). I slept and watched until Dolly started her walks.
I am not sure whether I want to do anything today; I think I will do something but I am leaning toward nothing; while bushing my teeth my leg was doing strange things (nerves).

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Pool Maintenance

Good Morning,

We took the winter pool cover off and today we fold it up. Allison and family are here and they are helping with the pool; yesterday they cleaned the pool of winter leaves. I still have a lot of connections to make for the solar heater to work properly last year I disconnected the cover and rerouted the lines so this year I have to rebuild the connection to the solar heater. Our pool pump is not pumping as well as it should but it is working. An old aged pool is going to be costly and mom does not like cost.

I feel good this morning mentally and physically; I also am in love with the blue planet I reside on.

Well we went out and folded the winter cover in the blowing wind and the job did get done and put away. Then the kids helped me put the pool-step and step-weights into the pool. They also placed the old solar panel alongside the pool to make a walkway runner.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pool Winter Cover

Good Morning,

I am tired from all the work we did yesterday; I normally rest between chores but I wanted to accomplish more with all the help yesterday; they did a normal hard days work. Today we will remove the winter cover.
I feel good mentally and physically.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Solar Panel -- After Breakfast

Allison and her children helped me lay the solar panel flat; remove the old solar panel; tie down the solar panels and prepared the panels for water by placing the fittings on the panels.