Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Posts and Searches

I read from my LG tablet every day. Because I can increase the size of the Font (text) I can read comfortably; So I read about a book a month; which for me is pretty good, I would rather write but it is hard to write with this memory of mine. I wish I could organize thoughts but I just post it online and come back to it when I need it to fill gaps elsewhere. The easy way to get it back to the front is with a search engine. There is one here on this blog up on top (at left) and I have one on my Home Page below that searches or
Sometimes I have to search the hard drives to gather information or photos; it is always one of those, "I know I got it somewhere" moments.
I read when I am searching or surfing the Internet. Sometimes I go back to the text of Muse or Tomas Stories and rewrite some parts or place something remembered. I write like I view it from above; I have not mastered writing as in a screen play. I just post what is remembered; I cannot think like my friends I talk about (those writings make great books).

At Patti's

Good Morning,
We had a fun time at Patti's 1880's Restaurant and Settlement yesterday. Jason and Allison treated us all to a Merry Christmas Dinner.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Kitten

Whatever you do do not let the kitten have Chocolate; the cat will go into an amazing speed trip and tear at anything in sight. I normally give the kitten anything I eat. He likes Vanilla Ice Cream, Pizza, Spaghetti and just about anything we eat; the other day mom had her "Death By Chocolate" bowl of ice cream and put the empty bowl on the kitchen table; a few minutes later I saw a flash of a cat running down the hall attacking whatever was in view and he came bounding back with a reckless chase of a Black Soft Football and spun upside down with amazing agility. I realized that something had happened to the kitten; it had happened before and I had no clue as to what happened; but this time I had a clue and it was on the kitchen table and I had heard that chocolate was not good for cats and I did not know why; it is the chocolate caffeine and theobromine; in our cat it was Hyperactivity. I told mom not to leave her bowl anywhere without it being rinsed.

I Did Look: Monday Night Post

Good Morning,
It was quiet all evening and I let the cats out for a while; it was so windy that the cats stayed out only a half hour before asking us to let them in. I think it was the wind chill that warmth from their bodies which brought them back in.
I go to bed early every night when my legs start to go wild. I guess I should walk at the track to ease the tension in my legs. I have the bicycle in Eli's Room; I should use that. I have an incumbent bike out in the garage.
Mom is sleeping really well and not taking too many drugs; she had a headache last night and I asked why and she said I forgot to take my drugs.

Monday Post

Good Morning,
Rain, hard rain; it was slanting toward our front door, I hate to look into the garage; I did have things raised off the floor near the door but things way back in the garage may have gotten their feed wet. I checked the river and it is rising 2 feet yesterday here close to us (Cave in Rock) and 3.5 feet today. Tomorrow is another day. The local farmers check the gauges when they have equipment to move; I am sure that their equipment has been move to higher ground; already done. Folks check the gauges when they have things to do.
I feel good this morning; mentality and physically. By the way some roads may be covered with water from the runoff; some will drain quickly and some water having no place to go will stay high until the rivers go down. I know that near the road is covered.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Rain Around the Yard

Two photos of rain in our yard.


Good Morning,
I am watching,"A Night at the Opera" with the Marx brothers; I hear thunder outside; I had let the cats out about 2 hours ago and when I opened the door a few minutes ago they all ran inside. Dolly knows how to hide in the rain but if wants in she comes to mom's window or scratches near me in the window.
I feel good mentally and physically. Mom is asleep and I think she feels pretty good. 
No change on the boil water order; everyone at state is off work until Monday; Dolly is in; she was either hiding or mom let her in.
Mom cut up the Salmon and put it away; she sealed it with her machine.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Live and Let Live

Some folks are mixed up. Winters in some places are harsh; society has made our winters a lot better (freezers, electricity, furnaces, insulation, electronic and communication).
Some time ago men went out in winter to hunt for food and brought it back to the cave and kept warm in winter.
Some time ago we told stories to pass the time. Some time ago we created law; to keep us from poisoning ourselves, or when to give thanks and how to use our weapons to hunt with. Some law kept us from bothering or killing our neighbor.

Time has changed and those laws have changed to suit each community.

Men do strange things when their ego's swell as in creating different god's to do different chores on the planet earth. Somewhere along the line someone said there was only one god and guess what someone disagreed.
Smart men who have their ego's under control understand. Some folks are willing to kill or fight in what they believe in.
There was a big change when the folks that understood Jesus blamed the Jews for getting Jesus Crucified.
There was a big change when Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam went his way or when Martin Luther decided to leave the Catholic Church.
You also have to remember that religion was forming in different areas of the planet and only stories blended some of those beliefs.
The photos above show you some changes and how the use of weapons are used for other purposes other than hunting some may have hate rooted in religion or just a weapon to use in killing.

Merry Christmas and a Wonderful Day

Rain Gage

Good Morning,
Mom had to pick up a prescription yesterday and I looked at the Rain Gage as I picked up the mail in the mailbox. It had rained pretty hard and yes I checked our yard and roof for any damage; no damage but I did see someone's garbage can in our yard so I tied it to our mailbox. The garbage can was beat up pretty good from blowing from yard to yard and banging against trees. I did see a torn spot. It seemed as though it would still be useful.
I must say I feel pretty good this morning. Mom is doing good and I am thankful she is well after the pain she endured last year. It brings me too tears just thinking about what she endured.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Garden of Eden

My grandmother in Pasadena was all about love. What could she do? She was a grandmother and she took care of her grandchild. Something went wrong and she took it upon herself to do what was right. She had no choice; at her age it was very difficult and painful. All I got was love.
So why is it that I believe like a grandmother. Stop the violence, stop the war. All my grandmother did was hug me and love me, take me everywhere she went. She took trains and buses and buses and trains made me car sick. It was the motion sickness and bus fumes. I had no clue?
I turned to religion to solve the world problem I saw on TV. I should become a priest and make the world better. I saw Gandhi in the movie theater newsreels and he was not a Catholic. I am puzzled? Why?
My Grandmother in Pasadena was all about love. Everyone around me was trying to toughen me up but still my grandmother was all about love.
 In the Hebrew Bible, Adam and Eve are depicted as walking around the Garden of Eden naked due to their innocence. In the pamphlets my grandmother read and I looked at there were always photos of the Garden of Eden.
I did get toughened up but I did not change what my grandmother instilled in me.
My world does revolve around the Garden of Eden.

I do not remember my grandmothers face, only her golden gray hair. Her sister Mena was a nun and my grandmother was a saint.

This was my grandmothers home in Pasadena; that is my Aunt Kay. The front porch wrapped around the sides and there were doors on each side. If you touch the photo on the left side there is a doorway about 15 feet back. That doorway went to a rental. If you touched the photo on your right hand side the porch wrapped around and ended in a doorway and steps down; that doorway at the end ended in a bedroom off the living room. The living room was behind her head and to the right. She is standing in the driveway and that driveway ended in the garage. There was an empty field at her left the size of the home and the field went to the next street. At the end of the field was the rail spur that ran parallel to the driveway.
The home was about 3 times the width you see in the photo going back toward the other street.
The Christmas Tree went to the ceiling on the other side of that Picture Window. The front door is at left and the picture window is at right.
There was grass in the front yard and when I was old enough to mow it I did.There was a Banana Tree out of the picture to the right.
The Telephone was just inside the window upstairs overlooking the garage (dark window).
The stairway going upstairs started to the left of the front door two steps then turned right up the side 5 steps turned right and ended about 10 feet behind the center window (Center Hallway on the right of the window).

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas

Maybe A Storm

Good Morning,
It is a little damp outside this morning; the trash man came by and I went out and got our cans and tied them up. We have heavy and dangerous storms headed our way today. Hopefully we will be OK. Last week our friend lost his roof. Hopefully we will be fine today. We need to go to the store but that can wait at least 24 hours.
I opened some windows to get some fresh air in here; I awoke with a stuffiness in my head; something like a hangover. Fresh Air helps a little; the storm later today will cause us to close the windows.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Good Morning,
I am using a different browser to write this post this morning. I am not sure if it will work. Even though our Holiday Season is colorful we will not be having any Christmas this Year. We missed two Christmas Parties when mom was poisoned and had back problems. Now that everything is fine we had made no plans for the Holidays. We did get some help from our daughter and grand-kids to Spice Up the Season; our Holidays will be without a Feast or Celebration. We may just go out to the show and find a Restaurant to dine in.

Monday, December 21, 2015

How To

Good Morning,

I have been mentally asleep this morning; I think it is Sunday morning and dreaming of going to California for Christmas and New Year next year. I know it is impossible at the moment but with planning it may be possible.
I have been viewing tricks and photo practical illusion.
I will never save enough to go out west. But my dream is to go out there by train and stay for Christmas and New Years. Travel by car there and see the parade from a room overlooking the parade route. 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Quoting Folks

I stopped "Quoting Folks" some time ago. I do on occasion do it. I just decided that what I said was important and sometimes profound. The Same for painting on walls.


Good morning again,
Well mom felt the best she has felt all year and yes that is saying something. I looked at her back a couple of days ago and it looked like a gift from god. She feels well and it shows. It makes me feel better and it takes the pressure off us both to do well. Our bodies are doing well on their own. Her doctors will be happy.
Mom has been driving which means no drugs.

The Meet: Grace Under Pressure

Good Morning,
Mom and I got to go to a Gymnastic Meet in Paducah, Kentucky. Our grand daughter Eliana did an amazing job doing 4 exorcises, The Vault where she vaulted almost to the ceiling. I gave her high marks; what skill for a young lady. Her next was the Floor Exorcise and Dance which was extremely graceful and showed us her flips and ballet movements to music; again a remarkable feat for a young lady under pressure to do well for her family and team. We were extremely pleased with her effort and desire to do her best. The next exorcise was the uneven bars which she did her best performance of the year. How is it possible for a child to do such things so gracefully. Of course everyone wants her performance to be perfect; I am extremely happy for her and the way she has worked to do what she does. I was sitting too close to the beam to watch her performance there but I was told she excelled on the beam which is almost impossible to stand on; How she excels on these devises is nice.
Well done Eliana.
 Eliana; 1st on Beam
Eliana: 2nd All Around

Saturday, December 19, 2015

I Spoke Too Soon

Good Morning,
Yesterday was uneventful in a practically good healthy feeling in our home. Mom and dad both felt good. Mentally and physically we are sound. We moved mom's "Sun Catchers" (A Heart, A Peace Sign and our Star of David) to the front window. Mom was just feeding the cats and leaned over sideways and pulled a muscle (I spoke too soon).

Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Tree

Good Morning,
We went to Paducah to get some gifts on my Best Buy Gift Card I got for doing my YouGov Surveys. I got a Memory Stick Reader (( my old one died) Mom's computer reads them and so does the HP Netbook; my laptop does not read them) and a Non-Contact Probe for finding hot electrical wires. My tree lights went out and I needed to find a way to tell which light bulb was out. It worked! I just found the bad bulb with the probe. I will wrap it up for Christmas.
Mom drove to Paducah; so we know that mom is up to her standards and feels pretty good. We also stopped at Home Depot and she rode the cart into the store and I rode the cart out of the store. I just need a 10 minutes rest and my legs are fine for a bit. I have learned to work in spurts of 20 minutes jobs with 30 minute breaks.
Mom is using the wrapping paper.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

In Back of Our Home

Good Morning,
Mom is up and cleaning house, her back hurts but there is no pain in her legs. I am sore but not as bad as yesterday which was not bad. We moved the early garden Greenhouse outside into the garage for the holidays. It will come in when early flowers fill the greenhouse in February. I will build (lay is more like it) a next to the house flower bed for tomatoes and vegetables. I will start after Christmas.
What's the point? Deer do not trust our home and stay away from it; hopefully that is a deterrent for the year. 
We spent the day yesterday cleaning a window and putting up the Sun Catcher in the  Sliding Door Window

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Gift From Sandy

I Write and Mom Plays Computer Games

Good Morning,
Today is trash day or the day I put the trash on the street; the trash man comes very early Wednesday (3 AM - 5 AM) and I am not up to getting up at 2 AM to put out the trash. I am sore this morning but not as sore as a few days ago. Everyone around us is sick; it is mostly old age and their/our ability to take care of ourselves. So far we are doing better than some. I write and mom plays computer games. Plus we eat and fight to stay alive.

I put Colorful Lights out on our window outside and mom wants me to put up a Gift from Sandy in the Window. The First thing I would have to do is move the couch; then go get the ladder then take down the speaker high on the wall or find a way to keep it there ( I would have to find another stud to keep the speaker there); once that is done I would have to remove the Venetian blinds; Then I would have to mount the framework for the New Curtains. Then I would have to hang the Gift from Sandy.

Monday, December 14, 2015


Good Morning,
I am not sure what I did yesterday, but I am sore this morning. I fed the cats this morning and let Dolly out in the middle of the night and let her in this morning; that is why I said I fed the cats. Mom just got up and I am fixing her a cup of tea.

She steeps her tea for 4 minutes.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Should I go or Should I Stay.

Good Morning,
Today I have a mixture of emotions; I still have my normal aches and pains that age provides me but my mixture comes from rehab; how soon should my wife be inoculated by populations of beings. it is a normal fear since my wife just a month ago had back surgery and a week ago was weakened by E Coli. I want to mix with adults and children but should my wife. She mixes with our home and cats and travels to town  on occasion. I will let her decide.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Slow Wicked Blues

Darby and Tarlton was an early country music duo, who achieved some level of success in the late 1920s. The duo consisted of Tom Darby (born August 25, 1891 Columbus, Georgia - died August 20, 1971) and Jimmie Tarlton, (born May 8, 1892 Cheraw, South Carolina - died November 29, 1979 Phenix City, Alabama

Slow Wicked Blues

Holiday Color

Good Morning,
Normal soreness; Mentally and physically I am fine. I think about my sister every day and yes I am not a telephone type of guy. Yesterday I put up some Christmas lights in the living area; I will put up more lights today.
Holy day color and festivities works well to drive out the gloom and doom of gray days.

Roman Meal

Friday, December 11, 2015

Stiff Back and Dizzy Cat

Good Morning,
I am stiff and sore this morning; I feel great mentally. Mom is up and doing chores. The kitten is chasing a small clear ball across the kitchen floor. She fed the cats; I started mom's tea when she came into the kitchen and she finished the dishwasher and her tea that I had started. I have to clear off the couch today and maybe hang some photos, hang some lights. I just heard the cat throw up. I will be right back. Well she threw up in the cat chow dish and that was not hard to clean up; she wanted out after she threw up; Why didn't she ask to go out first then throw up outside; I will tell you why, I am always talking about how to clean-up the environment so she thew up inside where it is easier to clean-up; I can't walk around the whole yard looking for throw-up; she is smart that way.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Noon Class

Good Afternoon,
I am tired; I have been busy in my slow poke way. I am about to just listen to music. Mom has been busy all day; she stops and rests and then she works some more. at the moment she is talking to my daughter.
I am listening to: Simon and Garfunkel
I am writing while I listen. Wonderful harmonies.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


We went to bed early and I am up now to watch the tonight show. It is quiet here at home and our experience at the hospital was good for our learning experience. Doctor's and nurse's have to deal with a variety of illnesses and our problem was just another illness to deal with. We are home now and well. We did thank the folks that helped us and that did include our family.
I am going to stop writing and watch a TV show.

Good Help

Good Morning,
I got to visit mom at the hospital yesterday; I am going back today sometime to see how she is doing.
Something happen last week and her body would not eat; dangerous, very dangerous. I think it had something to do with her back surgery and mom says I am full of $#it. Any way the hospital and her local doctor were a tremendous help. They know what to do in situations like this and it is working well as mom is eating. 

Definition of Fascism

Good Morning,
One in a lifetime definition: 
I do not remember ever seeing or understanding the word Fascism before in my lifetime. There are millions of us at the moment learning and feeling the meaning of Fascism when we enjoy and follow Donald Trump. 
This is a compliment in the meaning of Fascism and how people feel when they follow a Fascist leader. We live in a free country and for once in our life we have an adorable Fascist before us and he makes us feel good. 
Now you understand the word Fascism and the way the folks felt in Fascist Italy in the early 20’s and in Germany in the early 30’s.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Good Morning,
Our local doctor put mom in the hospital yesterday after we saw him.She could not eat and if she did it came out. She said she lost 8 pounds since Friday. Hopefully they will find out why she does not want to eat.
I bought cat chow yesterday and just now fed them canned food. One cat Dolly spent the night outside and I just let her in.
I tried to get mom to eat but everything I did did not help her. Now she is being watched at the hospital. When I left she had eaten some jello 3 teaspoons. They wanted a urine sample but she had no urine  in her. They checked. She had a 1/2 bottle of saline  and a bag of antibiotic when I left yesterday and she did go (urine) much more. Hopefully they will know why she did not want to eat or could not.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Feeling Sick

Good Morning,
I am well.
This Blog used to be at the Google Account, "Tomas2006" but that account was compromised by someone else and I had to change the account to, "Dennis42064". So that is where this Blog moved to.
Mom is not feeling well and wants to see the doctor here in town and cancel her trip to Clarksville.

There is something to be said about Honey Bee Honey. It moves into your system on contact. The nutritional value is no more than sugar from plants in just gets where it is needed a lot faster.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

A bite at a Time Two

Good Afternoon,
I am watching movies and doing some dishes. Mom is trying to feel better. I am trying to get her to eat some protein and liquids. She is doing a little bite at a time, a bite at a time.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Bite at a time

Good Morning,
I can tell you how I feel but I cannot tell you how mom feels. I feel uncomfortable this morning. I had a good nights rest but behind my knees it aches and my lower back aches. Not a lot but enough to now that walking will not help. I did well yesterday and mom drove without any medication. Mentally I am great.
Yesterday we bought canned cat food and a lot of vegetables and fruit. Today I think we rest. This year we will paint with lights a Christmas Tree on our cabinet; I am not moving the red chair out of the living area.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Passenger Van

Good Morning,
I read when I go to the rest room; I use my LG G lite Tablet on those occasions. I also use the tablet when I travel and have to wait in a waiting room. I read  eBooks on my tablet; Laurel Rose gets free eBooks from Amazon; she is a Amazon Prime Member (mostly free shipping on products).
I use my Smartphone for text and calls; I also use the Smartphone for shopping and gift lists. The main purpose for the Smartphone is to keep Laurel Rose aware of my whereabouts (I lost my van in an airport parking lot and I walked the lot for over an hour trying to find our vehicle (it was nestled between two passenger vans)). 
I use my laptop to write, work on websites, surf, chat and google.
We finished up our shopping at Shopco and while there my body said "Go Home" when I got home I was as weak as a kitten and so I let mom do whatever needed to be done. She sorted out the gifts and was pleased with the results; we need to go back for some cat food so  hopefully I can do that today.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Kitten Hiding Head

A little History:

A little History for the grand kids:
I grew up in Pasadena California in the 1940-50’s. When I went into the service the Navy in 1959 they said I had Bronchitis. In December 2, 1970 The Federal Government created the United States Environmental Protection Agency to clean the air that caused my Bronchitis.
President Dwight D. Eisenhower established the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 1958. John F Kennedy wanted us to go the Moon so the Government went to the moon.
In the 1980’s the government asked universities across the nation to create computer simulators and paid them with grants. Games came out for computers simulators soon afterwards and we still use them today.
One of the consequence of the games was there was no moral justice when a child was taught to kill. Learning to fly and driving a tank does have a consequence.
So now we are going to battle with ourselves as a consequence.
The New Revolution
They are going to make a game that teaches you to kill,
they are going to manufacture an automatic weapon and
 give it to you and then they will send you to no man’s lands
 far away and let you shoot whatever you want.
And then they will profit by the revenues of the weapons sold and
 then I will wonder what happened?
The New Revolution

I have a solution:
Safe Passage
It is now the year 2015 and it is now the time for the Geneva Convention to create safe passage ships or trains for non-combatants to leave their homes and go to neutral areas of their countries or neutral countries until the war is over.  We heard about the Jews leaving Egypt in the Bible, the Jews leaving Germany by trickery and now the deadly boat trips across deadly seas. We need safe evacuations from areas of war so the warriors can do their fighting; and when the fighting is over the folks in the neutral countries can go back home.
I am very tired of seeing folks flee their countries and living in tent cities or dying at sea because we do not have the dignity to allow them safe passage from war.
We can also tell folks that use the games that they must understand if they want to kill for real they have to join the military and not go out and buy a weapon and kill.
We also must make the government and gun manufacturer’s responsible for the mistakes they made by creating the Simulators and the guns.

Become a Moderate Republican
World Anarchy wants control of America. At the moment they control the Republican Party. There are no moderate Republicans in office. Big World Corporations want World Anarchy; World Anarchy will always say that Big Government is At Fault as in Good Health Care is a vote for Obama Care. Or they say “Environmental Law” is against “Hard Working Jobs in the South”.
The only way to stop the nonsense is to vote Democratic and then form a Moderate Republican Party. The first thing that has to happen is to vote out all the state republicans so that the states can change the Electoral College so that you have Moderate Republicans and Democrats.