Saturday, September 28, 2013

The New Normal

At one time in our lives we had a paper environment in our homes; our homes were filled with books, magazines, pamphlets, letters from friends, bills, newspapers and garbage mail. 
The printing press was one of the greatest inventions because it allowed us to reach the masses in our society. 
Today in our new environment one 8 X 10 tablet can view the Internet which holds just about all printed matter on our planet. So with one tablet and a fast DSL service we have change the way we view printed matter.

Friday, September 27, 2013

For 50 Years

Good Morning,
For 50 years I worked for the good of the country and for my work my country paid me a wage. Since 2003 I have been working without a wage for my country. Now my country wants their money back!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Trickle Down Blog

I do a trickle down blog dedicated to Ronald Reagan and what he has done for me and of course my wife. The photo at left clearly describes what he did to the Federal Government and what monsanto and Walmart do for us. Monsanto takes care of our food and Walmart takes care of my wife's wages.
My blog is my prayer hoping that the money does trickle down to us. 
By the end of the week our Government will not be able to pay it's bill's, pay the Army, help the Vets, help the poor or repair the bridges and roads across America.
All this will happen because Reagan said, "We are not in the business of taking care of the mentally ill". So those folks live under the streets like trolls.

Light Rain

Good Morning,
I should be out on the deck moving my stuff back where it belongs but I have other chores to do today and it is wet out there.
I feel good; last week my back gave me fits but today I am fine. I feel like sediment, "If I sit still, everything will settle down."
I mowed half the lawn (keeping the dust away from the deck). I should mow today but the rain won't let me.
Tomorrow will be a good day to mow or move the stuff on the deck.
Laurel had a day off yesterday and she just relaxed; she is off today but we have a chore  to take of.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Good Afternoon,
I am out mowing but keeping the dust away from my deck as it (the deck) has to season for 72 hours. It has been 24 hours since I applied the last coat of sealer on it. The coat dried in two hours yesterday and it needs 24 hours without rain (that has happened) but I want to keep the dust off it until it is seasoned. I am mowing the very rear of the property and the front of the property to keep the dust at a minimum.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

An Invitation to Speak

 I wrote a letter to our Senator and his opponent about the upcoming election for United States Senator inviting them to speak at our Fall Round Up. I normally write in a crude and blunt way and Laurel looked at the letter and immediately edited it to keep the emotions down and be a least cordial in my invitation.
Here is a copy of the letter my wife re-edited to be as least tactful. There are two documents one for each candidate that we were writing.
The purpose of this post is to generate publicity for NARFE and our cause to help Retired and Active Federal Employees who are being used as Scapegoats whenever possible.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sometimes We Do The Same Thing Every Day

Sometimes We Do The Same Thing Every Day and presto something changes.
I have been working on the deck, scrubbing and scrubbing. Well yesterday while mom was at work I thought maybe I would get this last bit of deck done so I can seal it Monday. Well right in the middle of scrubbing I pulled a muscle in my back and it was not good. I finished the scrubbing and put my tools away but the hurt continued. I slept hard and just got up this morning just to relax in my Birthday Chair. The job will have to be completed this week so I hope I feel better Tuesday because that is the day I will seal the deck.
Mom said it is raining outside this morning. Sunshine will dry the deck so maybe Tuesday will be the day to finish the deck.

Monday, September 9, 2013

I am still working on the deck. The Garden and CatZilla

I am still working on the deck. Without my POWER WASHER, I have to clean the deck by brush and that is what I am doing this morning.
The weather is just right, hard work but just right. I take a lot of breaks (30-40 minutes at a time) then go out and brush more of the deck. I should have the top boards finished in two weeks (cleaned and sealed).  The rails and steps I can do as I please (as the weather dictates).
I am done on the deck for today.
Mom is off for a couple of days. She is beginning to like these hours. She gets enough work now to make the drive worth while. She is a worker, enjoys working and meeting people.
This will be my last year with a fence around the garden. The fence looks too trashy and hard to keep mowed. I am not a weeder; my dad broke me on weeding, weeding is not on any of my agendas. I will plant a garden and I will share what is left with the deer or I may eat deer.
I saw a note about Mountain Lions being protected and I thought to myself if they are left free then they will come and steal our children. In the South the farmers broke the wolves, bears and mountain lions from coming on farm land; they were immediately shot and killed. There are no bears and wolves in Kentucky. Mountain Lions stay clear of any man in Kentucky; they eat deer but stay away from farm animals.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Laurel and I at the Movies

"Or See Spot Run!"
Mom and I went to the movies in Paducah, Kentucky. It was a early bird show and we just paid $6.00 each to see the movie, " Lee Daniels' The Butler". Everyone in the theater was like us, we could hardly walk when the show was over. We looked like old aged zombies; nice grandparent faces just shuffling out of the theater (no blood or cuts just nice old age).
The movie was excellent for us who lived through it but I am sure that folks that depend on spice, blood   and Disney may be disappointed.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Water Heater

We have a new Water Heater; our last one lasted over 10 years; which to us is a normal life span for handling such temperatures.
Cleaned and scrubbed another 1/3 of my deck today with a long handled brush; I will seal that portion tomorrow; it should be dry by then. I would have done it yesterday but I stayed around while the water heater was installed.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We all have our favorite bakery.

We all have our favorite bakery. I guess I am no different as I have found a bakery that is just right. Good bakeries are hard to find and if they get too popular their quality goes down. 

I guess we are just destined to keep our favorite a mystery to the planet and enjoy it while we can?

Abandoned in Pasadena: On our way home from the hospital

Abandoned in Pasadena: On our way home from the hospital