Saturday, March 31, 2012

I got the pool cleaned and covered. This year the pool was cleaner under the winter cover and that made my job yesterday easy. Normally it takes three days to make it presentable; today I remove all the winter obstacles off the deck and make it a Spring Flower for viewing and sitting with tea.
It is very cloudy outside this morning but no rain is forecast for this area of the planet earth. The Kentucky Basketball team plays tonight but in the meantime I will clear the deck of clutter and print some pass outs for the convention. I also have to speed up my computer which means backing up data which I have done a little and replacing Windows 7 with a new copy.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

We spent some of last night before bed finishing the 30 page program booklet for the convention. We did a last minute ad, minor corrections and loaded it onto to a flash drive for the printer. It is in ms-office and pdf formats.
Mom was nominated to do the job because of her skills and I helped when asked.
Our pool is being cleaned and heated; the winter cover is off. I just need to clean the winters leaves from the bottom, adjust the ph and steps and go swimming.
I see pink skies to our south this morning (not much).
I paid someone to put the winter cover on last fall and to take it off this spring; I am not capable of putting the cover on or taking it off.

We dropped off the flash drive at the printers.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I just man handled and removed my lawn mower deck. I sharpened the blades and just now came in for a lunch break. Last fall I tried taking the blades off without removing the deck; I was unsuccessful at that time, so I waited until spring. I have already mowed twice this year and the cut looked ragged each time. In a few moments I will put the blades back on and replace the deck under the lawn tractor.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Are we published?

My sister said, "I do not think anyone is really listening."
Yes that may be true but it is the opportunity to get something off your mind that is amazing. The fact that it is free is also amazing.
Are we published?
I gotta go out and mow the yard.
I pulled a muscle man handling our grass catcher. I was moving it to mow.
That always causes delays but it is normal for me to pull a muscle; it is part of my life style.
If I do not move something I do not get hurt but what is life without moving something.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

It is a great day in Spring Sports  -
 Bull Riding  - Kentucky Basketball  - NASCAR Sprint Cup

What have I learned?

Breaking bread

The 10 Commandments

I am free to be

The preamble of the united states

Too love the one your with

Step forward and lead our nation to good health and equality for all including the puppy.

I have an intense desire to have all human beings have good jobs and good health. It annoys me when religion decides to have a particular idea as to how a women or man treated. To me man and women are equal with no pecking order.
I joined NARFE because I was a Federal Employee and I did like their health care and I did like the idea of Universal health care for the planet earth. I must assume that you live on the planet earth. I demand equal rights. I have no sympathy for folks that live in historically old religious pecking orders that require a women to take orders from a man. I left that back in the 1960's. The south is historically unequal with their "MASSUH" wisdom. I thought the younger generation would learn from the past but it hard to teach and old dog new tricks. As in men and women are equal, blacks and foreigners are equal and old religious teachings are old religious teachings. Keep the old laws.
Step forward and lead our nation to good health and equality for all including the puppy.
I started watching the games yesterday but got side tracked with chores; I also wanted to explore what was wrong with mom's old computer speakers with a woofer: I could not fix them so their gone and I will have to do something else for the NARFE convention. I need to set up my computer to the PA at the convention. I guess a long cord will have to do.
Mom is off today. She is at her computer in our son's room.
Time for a cup of coffee.
I was surprised that Louisville and Ohio State won their basketball games. I knew that they had a will to win but that does not always lift the other team members on a particular team.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I watch the Kentucky Indiana game last night and Indiana gave Kentucky a thoroughly tough game. Kentucky won but our next game is going to be just as tough. I saw Baylor play and they are sound and very good.
It is raining outside this morning.
Mom has gone to work.
I cleared the garden yesterday and today I try to start my tiller.

Friday, March 23, 2012

I shop at Walmart, "Respect For The Individual", has been central to their success

It is really nice outside; we have a beautiful spring; when I first opened the door for the cats to go out and enjoy the day the birds were a constant loud song. I have no clue as to why they were so loud other than song.
I know I am happy to see the wonderful new growth and color. The new leaves and petals are washed clean by the rain; the colors are vivid. Bugs and birds walk on clean surfaces. Bird crap, pollen and soot is washed into the soil to feed the worms.
When the cats were young (the white cats) they would spend their entire night outdoors hunting and living off the land and come in and sleep during the day; now they sleep all the time and go out to eat maybe a few crickets a little during the day.
Mom said she was going to just rest these two days off. Next week she works 10 days in a row ( I think that is frowned on by the government but "HEH!" Walmart can do as they please).
Remember she got run over by a 13 year old boy grab-assing in their store, the young man was told, "Behave and do not run in the store anymore!" Mom she still hurts from the collision, it was major and she had the black and blue bruises to show for the collision. It was a serious accident and Walmart is trying to weasel out of helping this tired old women heal or even be compensated for her and pain and injury. They are mentally trying to get her to say, "Screw you I am out of here!" (Walmart's plans do not always work. Mom is a fighter and they have backed her into a corner.) But we know as a family that her injury was real and they will pay for her pain and suffering.

"One of the many beliefs of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Respect For The Individual, has been central to our success. One way Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. shows respect for the individual is through the many benefits offered to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. associates."

The folks in Bentonville, Arkansas got to get their(!@#$) act together and help all the grandmas pay the rent.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wash your hands again

The doctors are saying to wash your hands again; because of the strange weather pollen counts are high and runny noses, sneezing, itchy eye are the norm.. Pollen goes into every space on your face and your body reacts by sneezing, tears and running noses as it tries to flush the pollen out of your head.
Wash your hands, go swimming at grandma's, wash your hands, wash your face, splash your eyes and then wash your hands again.

A truck came by and took my boxed up coffee brewer; after they left I went to town a bought some minutes for my cell phone.
Our community is building a New Fire Station and as I drove by it is about finished and ready for use.
Good morning,
Mom is off today and the carrier should pick up our coffee brewer and ship it back to Breville to see what happened to the machine; mom thinks it was an energy spike that destroyed the protective circuit in the unit.
Time for coffee.
Last night I picked up my remote control and it was oily; I did not understand so I wiped off the remote, big mistake. I thought a moment and decided to check the double AA batteries in it and sure enough they were oily. I went and washed my hands. grabbed a napkin and threw the remote away. The  double AA batteries  had leaked all over my remote; I washed my hands again. My hands itched, I washed my hands again as I looked in mom's room for an extra remote. I found one that had all it's rubber case removed. My hands itched; I washed my hands. I had wiped the remote with a towel; it should fall apart when I wash it. I should wash it now before mom handles any laundry. I am going to do some laundry.
I washed the towel by itself and I will mix in some other items in a second wash. I also had cleaned off the table where the remote was laying. I lost a black nylon jacket in the early 1960's in San Jose because I carried a car battery for a mile off the freeway to have it charged; I did not lose the jacket until the next washing; it came out of the washer full of empty spaces.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Do you know what fracking is?

Do you know what fracking is?
Have you heard loud booms and did not know where these sounds come from?
Does Hydraulic Fracturing sound like is be the clue your looking for?
Good Morning.

Mom has gone to work and I am getting ready to make a cup of coffee. I boxed my coffee brewer but I am going to re-box it. The box is entirely too big lengthwise. I just need to cut the box I have to reflect the right size. Mentally to me that makes sense.
As I look outside I see that it is overcast, “A few showers developing late” is what the weather folks say. Now that more sun is shining I see a pink sky to our south.
Birds are a constant at our feeders and soon the Hummingbirds will arrive; those feeders are in storage and will have to cleaned and put outside with sweet water.
Time for a personal sermon said to my self to help all those folks in conflict with age.

Just got back from our NARFE Meeting at the Marion Café; it was nice but two families were not there because of doctors appointments. I hope everything was OK at the doctors. At our age it always a tossup as to what turns up at those appointments.
I repacked my coffee brewer in a box size more suitable for the occasion.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good Morning,
It is still dark out; I mowed our lawn; The blades need sharpening; today I get my shredder and continue on my limb pile from last fall. Some time during the day I may plant some lettuce in the garden or maybe just rototill the garden. I am not sure.
Mom has gone to work.
Mom got me a 4 cup coffee maker to make coffee to use until I resolve my problem with my single cup brewer.

The coffee maker folks sent me postage paid label so that I can send my coffee brewer to them. I hope they fix the one I have and not send me a refurbished one.


I spent the day shredding branches that had sat over the winter; they are more brittle and are easily shredded. My garden spot has grass clippings on the area I will place the lettuce in; the worms have been working all winter on the area.

Monday, March 19, 2012

The 70 year old mule has pulled his last load.

Mom thinks that because my body has fallen apart and I just sit and write that my life is just going to decay.

Mom thinks that I should lift that heavy load that hurts every time I do; I have done that so much that my back does not have the strength to endure that anymore and that weakness is going to kill me. I do not have that kind of strength anymore. The 70 year old mule has pulled his last load. Just let me write and do websites. I do chores around the house but my days of lifting heavy water soaked tarps and 30lb sacks of sand, crawling under sinks and shoveling rocks are over.
Mom's ego will kill her if she thinks she can do those things. Her mind says she can.
I am not going to decay and die by not doing stupid things to a worn out body; I can do what I can.
I am not that man that retires and dies; I have found function and desire to live that does no harm to a worn out body.

I just heard a man say that structure was his ideal and that if you wanted to learn from him you would have to learn structure.
He also said that man gets up in the morning to feed the country as a matter of economics rather than to serve society as a whole; that is where my views differ that his. I believe that man serves society because he loves life on the planet and that he awakes to serve society. Economic value was his justification for life and he gets paid accordingly (he is very wealthy).
Those are two different points of view. One to become wealthy and be alive and one to just be live.
Both serve society.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Black Peaches

In Kentucky we get black peaches.
What do we know?
 In the store their firm and hard as a rock but when you slice them their black.

March Madness plus it is Windy

I eliminated my entire post like a magicians; I have no clue as to where it went but it is gone. It was as I typed something just erased behind me.

When I was young I thought my life was being erased as I walked or thought. I know now that that is not true (that photo is not erased; it just looks that way).
My original post was about my watching so many basketball games plus today I watch NASCAR.
I am visually being pleased. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wicket Lock and Dam 50

Last night as I was going to bed Mom said, "Did you see that your website was mentioned in the Crittenden Press Newspaper."  I said, "OK"  and that I would check it out in the morning.

The article is about the Dam 50 Sign. Not this sign but the sign at the Dam 50 road off highway 91 on the way to Cave In Rock.
One day as I was painting the sign on 91 a farmer decide to bush hog his field adjacent to Highway 91 and the sign. I got completely covered with Chiggers. I had a unpleasant evening painting my body with nail polish to smother them; it took a week to get over them.

Good Morning
March Madness has got me watching basketball and drinking coffee.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Cloudy and rain this morning. I miss my coffee, I guess I will make some tea.

The cats all ran outside as soon as I awoke. I have no clue as to what the fuss was outside. Maybe they saw mice scampering outside through the window and they wanted to have an outside treat.

I am going to have to clean my fish tank, I cleaned the water and gravel last month but I did not remove the fish and do the bottom. That was a mistake as I should have removed the fish and replaced/cleaned everything.
I made coffee on a 4 cup coffee maker this morning.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My coffee maker just quit

I hope when I re-plug it in it will work? It is just a couple years old.

Links in my stories.

People have asked me to place their links in my stories and after giving it some thought I figured it was a good idea to help this old man earn a little income.
Here is an example of (3) three links that were placed in a story true story I wrote:
Mom has gone to work after being off for 4 days. I feel good this morning after the nights sleepiness has left.
I had not washed a dish the whole time until last night (we were not home). I will do some more this morning. The pool man may come today and open the pool. I hope he does it is about right to jump into a heated pool.
One thing about the pool, it will always be used because if it is not I will put my garden back there.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Birthday

We celebrated our grand daughters Birthday yesterday in Murray. The day was nice and we opened present and had a surprise visit to Diary Queen then on to a local park to climb and swing with flowers in bloom with a spring birthday feeling in the air. She is having two more parties one with her friends her age and her other grandma and a meeting/birthday celebration with her other grandfather.
We had lunch at a local restaurant where this photo was taken by our daughter.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Where am I? Where are we?
Why am I here?
When I was young I wanted answers and the folks around me could not answer any of my questions?

I have listened and read, looked into the church, prayed at the stations and looked out the window.

I have viewed the sky and seen that I was seeing forever. There is no limit to my view. So why is it that no one had an answer for  this young child.
Well I wrote down what this brain conceived as an answer and I am not finished as I am still asking.
I have a roller coaster of an answer which is stupid, far out, spiritual, right on and "You Got To Be Kidding?"
I have no clue as to where to start or what made sense as I wrote it but it had to come out. 
At some point in time this will all make sense.
As of now when I read what  wrote I want to just chuck it in the trash can.
The way I feel is that each word is a color and if you took all the words I wrote you could conceivably come out with some form of animate art or ideal.
So as to no be totally confused it is best to start at Dennis.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The technology is here.

We have all seen this photo in some form or another. Most of the time they are listening to music with an earbud.
Do you understand history and what it means, text books, wise men, wives tales and old men at McDonald's.
Do you know what I have? I have an Olympus WS-500M. Do you know what you can do with it?
No let's not go jogging lets let our grand parents speak to you about their lives. Do it at all times in their lives from the age 50 until their deaths and learn a little about the history of your family. Just use the Olympus WS-500M to record what they say. The technology is here.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Linking To My Stories

I Moved Our Clock From 2:00AM To 3:00AM

At the bottom of this post it states the time and I am posting at the same time mentally but my body is as sleepy as it normally is at 6:00am. The clock say 7:25 because of the change in time.
This is April isn't it?
Mom is off for four days in a row. She scheduled an appointment this week sometime after Friday.
Well my sleepiness is gone now and I am mentally prepared for the day. 
I spent the day yesterday fixing some technical things with my websites and then watching Kentucky play basketball. They play again today at noon as does NASCAR Sprint Cup drive us in circles this afternoon.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade Of Pale


Procol Harum "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" 1967

Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade of Pale, live in Denmark 2006
Good morning; it is raining outside this morning, very wet but no storms; it is about 60 degrees out there. It is quiet and peaceful here at home.
Peace is a state of mind, and area of quiet, a religious cense/sense.
Mom has gone to work.
My mind is distracted there should be an overwhelming understanding of peace settled peacefully in my being; it is normally there; maybe I am waiting for the gift to arrive. Some things never are here or never have been but peace has always been here it just takes time to see.

They could be Enlightened 

Tassajara Buddhist Meditation Center & Hot Springs 
This where Kyle and I sat and enjoyed our feast
I remember Kyle asking me if I wanted to go to a Buddhist monastery somewhere near Carmel in California. I agreed and we started hitching and walking to Carmel. We asked directions in Carmel about a Buddhist monastery somewhere in those hills. We did get a ride to the side road that went into the mountain where the monastery was located. We started walking up the winding road when some Buddhist monks came along in a car. They were just coming back from the city (San Francisco). They knew where we were going because the road only went to the monastery. They gave us a ride the rest of the way.

The monastery was set in front of a rock faced cliff. It looked as if some of the buildings were carved out of the stone, something like Mount Rushmore. Other wooden buildings were set in the foreground. I think that it had been some kind of resort at one time.

When we arrived, they let us in, and they said that we would have to beg for everything. We wandered around, looked into their chapel, and watched as some said their prayers. They gave us an empty wooden bowl and said we were to beg for something to eat. I didn't like that, but Kyle was determined. So, we begged and received brown rice and an orange.
 We sat on the ground, making a peaceful ceremony of eating and enjoyed what we got. 
We watched some men working who were not in Monk robes. They seamed eager to please and were pleasant to talk to. They were digging holes out by the garden. We asked one of the robed monk who they were and what they were doing. He said that they were the most spiritually enlightened. After begging and eating, they showed us something that was close to enlightenment for them.

They walked us to one of the rock buildings and told us to come in. When we got inside, we felt the warmth of hot water. We ended up near a deep rectangular pit chiseled from the rock, a hot spring of their very own. They said we could go in. We went in, and it was hot, but it was good. We could understand how they could be enlightened. The water was fine.

They said that if we were to stay there at the monastery, that we would have to do what they said. Coming from my background, begging was not about to happen. I had begged all my life for some understanding, and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel was something new to me, even if it was sometimes purple. I was not going to dig another tunnel for them to see the light that I was already seeing.

Kyle was ready for the challenge, but I was not. I refused. I wanted to do whatever I wanted. Kyle was upset, but he came back to Morningstar anyway.

The photo below looks like Kyle but I am not sure and I can assume it is not.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Peyton Manning, Quarterback

The best thing for Peyton Manning is quarterback coach-player. I heard that  the Denver Broncos are interested in him. Everything points that way. He would teach his replacement as he played and coached so that both he and his replacement would seamlessly move forward. His presence means dollar signs at the turnstiles as coach or player.

Age and god seem to place us there forever

Good Morning; we seem to have partly cloudy skies on this area of the planet. It is peaceful on this area of the planet though I heard that Al Qaeda wants to disrupt this peace or the pleasant feeling I get of living in peace on the planet earth.
Mom is off today.
I worked on my web sites yesterday (there is always something to do there). The cover of laurel rose is pleasant to look at and that was my goal. The cover is a work of Internet art which I wanted to achieve. It is a photograph which I photo-touched to look like art work. You have to scroll away from any link to see the cover.
The idea of that type of art is to take you away from internal thought and please the mind. Pleasing the mind is one of gods gifts to man. Man has been trying with external concoctions to achieve that goal for a long time. It is acquired with external concoctions, sport, age, education, understanding, religion, art and philosophy.
 Age and god seem to place us there forever.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Here is a Dancer for the Girls

GE Profile Dishwasher

Good morning; We have blue skies here where I live and even though areas a hundred miles away were devastated by tornadoes; it is peaceful here at home.
Mom is leaving for work as I speak. 
Pots and pans (stainless steel) and simple plastics do not do well without the Phosphate Detergents.  Glassware and pottery of all kinds become sparkling clean. Our water is not hard it is naturally close to soft (not so soft that soap never quits). I tried two cycles one for washing and rinsing and one for cleaning and drying. Both cycles employ steam. I have another plan before just washing by hand.
Mom wants to mow the lawn; I told her she would sink to her knees out there.
I will start to clear the garden spot of debris ( strings, poles and old tomato vines; the old tomato vines are dry enough to shred ). The string and poles can be reused until they become mulch.
I have to be careful not to move the fence until I have all the tools to completely confine all the vegetables ( the deer will have a feast if they are not confined (the vegetables).

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday morning, Mom has gone to work and it is cloudy out. Rain tonight but no threat or alarms. It is quiet and I have been doing experimenting with, " O-CEL-O" sponges and our humidifiers. Our other filters (that came with the humidifier) do not last and I want to see how long theses sponges will last.
I am also washing my clothes and our dishes. The dishwasher does not clean because they took the phosphates out of the dish soap so I am experimenting with dish cycles. One steam cycle for loosening debris and rinsing and one steam cycle to clean, rinse and dry.
Mom wants me to get the garden ready for crops plus I have to make the garden bigger (double the size). Last year it worked fine for tomatoes. This year it will be tomatoes and beans, lettuce and spinach. Last year I mulched heavy to promote heavy yields of worms (it was a very new garden spot because of the fence). There are worms there because I do not use chemicals in the garden but I had never mulched that area I had just mowed it. I always create my own mulch every year but it is never enough so when you can you have to bring in matter to a garden spot that is mostly clay like ours. So where the vegetables plants will be I will dig deep and place mulch in the bottom of those holes but also mulch above them too. I will also incorporate organic soil and mulch as I always do but this year I may have more money to buy organic manure since we are losing one big bill.
Deer loved this spot because it was cool and surrounded by tall cover.
They (7 deer) checked it out yesterday.

This is the garden spot (photo above) that I started over because the pool took my original spot (photo below). I could not fence this area (photo above)  because there was too much water flows at it's edge to add fence poles; so I had to start my new garden on this side of the wheelbarrow and come toward toward the photographer 30 feet X 15 feet.
The old garden spot.
 The deer garden spot in the background.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Leap Month

I was washing out the sink and I looked out the window and I saw 7 deer just standing outside on our property. They were in no hurry or surprised that I saw them; they just walked by. I live in town.

Leap Month this year is March; it has just disappeared because the weather is like the beginning of April here in Kentucky.

I wrote my little etchings on stone

Happy Birthday Brian;
Good Morning, I feel strong; some things I am capable of doing and others I can try but just don't work. I do what I can.
When I was young I wondered and wandered, I learned to love. Today I write, not well but enough to say that a human being can love the planet and those that occupy it.
 I understand power but power is only strength.
Equality is new but it has always been here.
I never make sense I only want peace; that can never happen.
The peace that I have is mine alone; I understand the planet and god.
When I was young I labored like a mule today I can only write.

The subject came up about my mother?
The answer is a secret that kept my fathers bothers apart (out of sight out of mind). Well there all gone and there is no secret to keep just history. The truth will never be known but it was terrible; my mother paid and her children were out of sight and out of mind.
the last twenty years I have begged for answers but it was always quiet on the western front.
So I want history and a family to leave it to.
FaceBook, The Internet, Family Tree Maker and a digital voice recorder/mp3 player can fill some voids.
My wife Laurel Rose, my daughter Allison, my uncle Ralph were very helpful; now Vivian wants answers as well.
I wrote my little etchings on stone and now it is your turn to fill in your name. I have room for our family prose just email it to me and tell me where to put it.
Writing skills are not important, what is, is the history so take grandma aside grab the digital voice recorder and say hello.

The photo above was taken at Jimmy Hatcher's parent home and I was looking to see where Sharon was at and maybe she was taking the picture?
The photo below was taken at Sandy and Jimmy Wallace home in Berea.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Brian

Happy Birthday Brian

It is hard to say that life lasts forever as I believe.

Good Morning,
On our way to Paducah yesterday we saw red and white tree buds, white dogwoods in bloom and daffodils in bloom. That is a little early for this time of year. Our Lilac bush always gets fooled and it looses. I do not know whether our lilac bush has survived this year.
We stocked up at SAMS on the paper products, hand lotions, tooth paste and bar soap. Most of what we got was about 1/3 of normal cost and should last for 3 months. I had to buy a new bulb (black light) for our fish tank as our old one started to flicker and when I looked at it, it had one black end.
We went to see our daughter in Murray and had a snack with her at Wendy's because Dancer Girl had a dance class within the hour. After we dropped off Dancer Girl I went to Lowe's to find a sponge to use on my humidifiers (our old ones were to bad to reuse).
Mom is off today. I feel great and most of the family is on FaceBook which makes it OK. Sometimes we do not know what to say when our brother rests in a semi coma and does not awake. It makes it awkward to say , "I am fine." but the fact is I am fine and it is hard for folks to say hello when life deals us a harsh blow. We want so much.
It is hard to say that life lasts forever as I believe.
I will just say a prayer.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mound Builders

Good Morning from our home here in town. For over 5000 years some human being has traveled this planet and called this community home. I have no clue as to who they were but I am sure they pitched a tent near this creek below our home and fished, hunted and picked fruit and nuts. In the winter they may have moved closer to the southern hills or found a cave nearby to settle in over the winter.
Mom is off today as we say our prayers for Jerry.
We had a bad storm come through here and it killed human beings in nearby Harrisburg and destroyed property just about everywhere in our area. Mom had a scare going to work and I heard the roar of the storm and moved into our hallway; it was fast and spooky storm.
 I am pretty sure that I am going to move our oak cabinet to where our TV is now and build some wall cabinets for our DVD's where the oak cabinet was. Our TV came with a stand which I have out in the garage. The TV will go on the oak cabinet and the stereo equipment will go into the cabinet. I can use the stereo cabinet I have the equipment on as a school desk or an art corner.