Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jonathan Eig - Writes About Jackie Robinson

A great book.

Good Morning.

It is dark outside and I do not think it is raining. I will know later if it is cloudy. Mom is off and asleep as I type.
All of our shades have cat holes in them as in the photo at left. These are new shades. You would think that we would get a discount for having cats when  we buy these shades.
I see clouds outside as the sun is just now making light on our day.
Everything on TV last night had Fall content, "The Good Witch", "Halloween", "The Dead Walking" and the "The Michael Jackson Trial".
I feel good this morning and I am considered old; I do not try to act young anymore and I am surprised when a young gentleman opens a door for me. Mentally I am very young; I think I am moderate but actually I am liberal. I am a Christian who has married a Jewish Princess and sees the planet Earth as the Garden of Eden. I do not worship Jesus and I do think we are all created in the image of God ; as in lions, puppy's, ants, trees, mulch, zen, the outer limits, Little Richard and Gandhi.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Evolution of Heavy Metal Rock

It is 32 degrees here at home in Marion, Kentucky. It is still dark outside; normally the school bus garage starts to warm up the buses this time of morning but we never hear them so it is quiet here. Some of the bus drivers start from outlying places that are far from school to start their routes so those buses are parked near their homes. But most are here across the street. Narrow country lanes on hills make it impossible to move children safely when slick ice and snow are on the country roads. I remember that one of the school buses was parked at the dam in the 1970's and started picking up children sometime around 0630.
In the photo above "X" marks the spot where the school bus parked in the 1970's. It was never put in any danger as in this high water photo; the photo is the only photo I have of the area of Lock and Dam 50 in the 1970's. The "X" is the visitor parking area where the school bus parked. The bottom building is the 1930-40's school house. When the photo was taken this structure was a home/residence and children were bused to Tolu and town (Marion). Very Large Photo without the "X".
Mom is up and may go back to sleep, she works from noon to 1630.

Friday, October 28, 2011

I listen to the morning and I find it pleasant and peaceful. There is electronics but it works in a hum rubbing the warmth of electricity through the wires of home. There is also the ringing in my ears, it is there in the normal good morning. It is dark out this morning and mom has gone to work. She felt fine last night as she cooked the last remaining tomatoes. What remains is next years compost or food for the birds or rodents.
I feel good this morning.

Yesterday I worked on the website and listened to 1950' pop music plus a little washing of dishes and clothes. I had a flea jump up on me this morning from a throw rug so I put the throw rugs in the washer to wash. Today I will roll up the outside hoses and put them and my power washer in the garage. I have a heater out there in the garage but I will not turn it on until it gets cold. My Aloe plants love the garage daylight more than outside daylight. I will also open the gates of our garden later this morning. The cats love to lay on the heating grass clippings in the garden (mulch). I will have to make some popcorn for any Goblins then venture near tonight. The city administrator declared that folks in town can celebrate tonight but next Monday is the Halloween.

In the 1950's "DA" meant, Ducktail" or 'Ducks Ass (DA) Hair" in San Gabriel.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Don and Juan

Mom is off today.
Good Morning, it is still dark outside and it did rain yesterday afternoon and into the night. The weather radar looks as we are between storms at the moment here at home; Kentucky as a whole is being soaked.
I feel good this morning; I asked mom how she felt after work yesterday and she felt fine.
I went over to the Senior Citizens Center yesterday to see what was going on there and to ask about eating there and maybe holding a NARFE meeting there. I had a reason for stopping by there and it was to see if they had a public  computer to use, they did not. I have two mobile computers and I can make them useful as teaching tools at my NARFE meetings plus we have a library which has public use computers they can use.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good Morning. I am posting a little later in the morning and all the kinks and soreness have worn off and I feel really good. Our skies are overcast ant it is warm out (mid 60's) for this time of year.
Mom and I went out to find some color with the leaves this year and somehow we missed the change. All the leaves are on the trees still and they are turning but nothing spectacular in color.
It was a pleasant ride up on Cotton Patch and in town with mom after work.
Mom was tired and very sore yesterday; she says she needs some massage therapy; I am not to swift on that at all.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I feel tired this morning. It must be all the sugar I ate in the last two days. No wonder I am as big as a house.
Anyway it is quiet and peaceful here at home. We have a pink sky this morning well there is some baby blue in there too. That means rain and rain in the fall is cold and wet; and a good example of that is a cold wet piece of rawhide draped over your shoulders.
I saw a movie in the 1960's about a circus and the theme some was a big hit and in the last 24 hours I have been searching the Internet for that song.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Insure Domestic Tranquility

What does that mean?

Every morning I say good morning and I normally say that it is quiet and peaceful here in my abode and in the area of the planet that I live in. How is that achieved?
It is mentioned in our preamble of the United States Constitution.
Why is it peaceful here where I live?
I believe that it should be as it is stated in our Constitution but what makes it so and why do so many terrorist try to desperately change it by blowing up our areas of peace.

I know that Moses wanted us to live in peace.
I know that Jesus wanted us to live in peace.
I know that the thinkers in early Greece wanted us to live in peace.
I know that Charlemagne wanted us to live in peace.
I know that Little Richard wanted us to live in peace.
I know that Gandhi wanted us to live in peace.
I know that Martin Luther King wanted us to live in peace.
I know that the Flower Children of the 1960's wanted us to live in peace.


Anyway it is peaceful here this morning; mom has gone to work and the cats wanted desperately to go outside this morning ( I think the mice are moving).

I know that we have a very powerful force, military and mental, surrounding our nation and it works ever though the edges are being invaded by cartels (mobs and hoodlums and an occasional terrorist).

I just had my first cup of coffee this morning.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Alert Marsupial Owl

This mother has a pouch for her young owl.
 The young mother owl sleeps with one eye open.
Kitten Yarn made this yesterday in her spare time.

Kitten Yarn and Dancer Girl were both knitting as they sat and visited.
I told Kitten Yarn about what program I use to create my websites.
Mom created two pizzas for our lunch. Yesterday the kids made cinnamon rolls and two pound cakes with mom/grandma.
It is quiet here in our home. Our daughter and her children are here. To me it was a surprise visit to mom she knew.
I lost my tomatoes.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

George Segal - American Painter and Sculptor

Good Morning. It is quiet and peaceful here in our home, I hear no noise other than water dripping and a hum of  an air pump. I see the sky with dark trees in silhouette with orange/yellow street lights as my morning view.
Mom goes to work at noon today. She is sleeping in as I write.
I lost my tomatoes plants outside yesterday morning. But I had a 5 gallon bucket inside of not very ripe tomatoes so we have some tomatoes to can or eat; we made/have 12 quarts of tomato sauce out in the freezer at this moment.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Occupy Wall Street with a Vote On Election Day

This is my portion of the planet to take care of and I will.

We may get our frost this morning and that will stop our tomatoes. One year when the crop was a bumper crop as this is I pulled the plants up and hung them upside down indoors (garage) on the wall and that will save the tomatoes on the vine for a couple of weeks. I will see this morning after nine. If the frost killed the vines I may not be able to save the tomatoes.
Mom is gone to work (she starts at 0700 this morning). I feel good this morning. It is quiet and peaceful in my area of the planet and that is by choice. This is my portion of the planet to take care of and I will.
Moving Fast
Some creatures move very fast. Some move slow.
Because of my environment I move slow.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good Morning; every year when we fire up the furnace we forget to plug in/clean/setup the humidifiers. I always end up with a headache when the furnace kicks in. I may have to do something about the fuel I use instead of using a humidifier.
Mentally I am fine this morning. It is peaceful here in this area of the planet earth.
My mind is clearing up and mom is up and getting ready for work. She is extremely talented and works at Walmart? Go figure?
They say that this next Saturday we will have the best chance at our first frost; that means that I have two (2) days to pick all the red tomatoes; so after it warms up this morning (0900 or so) I will go out to the garden and pick the tomatoes off the plants. Mom came home last night with a good supply of freezer containers for the tomato sauce. I have plenty of room out in our freezer to store them.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It is Raining Here at Home

It is dark outside at this moment. It is also quiet and peaceful here on this 2/3 of an acre of land on the planet earth. It is by choice that I live in peace. I do not scream at my neighbors or fight them with any weapons. There is law here where I live and we as citizens obey the laws by choice.
There are no armies near by but most families in the area have weapons in their homes used for hunting or protection. You can assume that every boy in this area is a marksman.
I feel great and mentally I am fine. 
Mom and I worked on a Fall Roundup Page for NARFE yesterday; she took the photos and did the writing and I laid it out and placed it online. I only put up a few photos but this morning I will put up more photos on a different page.
We also took our van in to have the oil changed and ended up with new plugs, plug wires and a new battery; the old battery was the original (at least 7 years old) that came with the van and it was just now dying and caused the turn signal not to function properly.
I also picked tomatoes yesterday and mom cleaned, cut and cooked them down into a sauce and put them up.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Apathy toward injured child sparks public outcry in China

I wrote my Congressman this Morning

Good Morning. It is cloudy outside this morning in our area of the planet earth; it is peaceful here.
Mom is off work and we are taking our van in to have a mechanic change the oil and replace a turn signal bulb.
We are going to make some tomato sauce and freeze it today. We have maybe 5 gallons of tomatoes out there ready to be picked. Our second summer and great rains made them mature and swell.
Time for a cup of coffee.
The coffee is great; yesterday mom and I went to our NARFE Fall Roundup to learn what is in store for us in the future and what has transpired in the last 30 years.
What is great is the fact that so many of us at the NARFE meeting are people that are strong and not willing to give up the ship just yet. We are strong fighters now that we are retired; they were great workers at one time but now we as a group fight for our rights and what we have earned. We are not willing  to let some youngster with a swelled Congressional head take our retirement funds away from us without a fight.
Joe and Tom
Joe is a Kentucky NARFE District I Vice President and Tom  is President of Chapter 1373 at the Fall Roundup NARFE meeting. Chapter 1373 won an award and Joe is congratulating our chapter.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

It is very crisp, clear and cool Sunday morning in this area of the planet. I see nor hear any violence in this area of the planet , it is peaceful and quiet.
I feel good this morning, mom is sleeping in (she is off today) and mentally I am sound.
It is time to feed the cats and a cup of coffee for dad.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Remarkable Cloth

I went to bed and now I am up. It is 2300.
I saw one of the women who won the Peace Prize on TV a few minutes ago and she spoke of how she won peace for her family (her country).
I am up to take my medicine.
Mom went to work yesterday and our daughter went to a Craft Show in Paducah. Mom said her day was good. That made me feel good because I was worried for her pain but she said Tylenol helped and she was fine.

Kyle and I were living in poverty in a commune in California. We had nothing but the cloth on our backs. We did not even have a rice bowl.
We went to the monastery to see what it was like to be there. When we arrived we were told to beg for food and we did. We received a bowl of rice and an orange. Kyle and I sat on the sidewalk in reverence to the fact that we had received a gift. We were extremely happy to see the rice and orange. So we sat and with deliberate pleasure at our feast. We took our time and enjoyed our gift there cross legged on the monastery sidewalk.
It was a ceremony, a thanksgiving, a pleasant time.

Our daughter sells cloth that makes people love washing dishes. It is remarkable at the way her products work. Washing dishes with her products is a silent prayer and a blessing, a time spent cleaning in prayer. It is a way of life like a grandmother's Thanksgiving Dinner.

Let Them Eat Cake

It is now eight in the morning and we have sunny blue skies. The trees here are slowly changing. We have had some thunder storms and warm weather (mid 70's) this last week and that has slowed the Fall changes.
Something died in our home; it is either an ant colony or some creature that came in from the cold and hid someplace behind a wall.
I feel good this morning and mentally I am fine.
These times remind me of France and the time the people Stormed the Bastille. The wealthy were isolated and immune to the 99% and they did not care.
The 99% are going to unite with the folks celebrating the Martin Luther King Memorial and march in unity in Washington DC.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dennis Ritchie: Father of C dies at 70

Dennis Ritchie (standing) and Ken Thompson at a PDP-11 in 1972. 
(Photo: Courtesy of Bell Labs)

" Dennis Ritchie is the father of the C programming language, and with fellow Bell Labs researcher Ken Thompson, he used C to build UNIX, the operating system that so much of the world is built on — including the Apple empire overseen by Steve Jobs.
“Pretty much everything on the web uses those two things: C and UNIX,” Pike tells Wired. “The browsers are written in C. The UNIX kernel — that pretty much the entire Internet runs on — is written in C. Web servers are written in C, and if they’re not, they’re written in Java or C++, which are C derivatives, or Python or Ruby, which are implemented in C. And all of the network hardware running these programs I can almost guarantee were written in C.
“It’s really hard to overstate how much of the modern information economy is built on the work Dennis did.” 

I pulled a back muscle a couple of days ago and this morning one of my legs acts like a muscle was pulled in my sleep. I took some arthritis pain medicine and maybe that will not remind me that those muscles twitch when I move a particular way.
Mentally I am here and feeling good. I did not like the idea of taking pain pills in the morning.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

It is hard to keep up with the times.

Mom said our water was off last night and it stormed really hard too. I can assume that the city switched to the new water line they have been burying in the city streets; I think that they tried to flush the line out during the storm then sent us brown water this morning. I saw no notice to boil the water in the newspaper this morning. I can assume that there will be some notice on the radio later today after the city gets 100 calls from it's citizens.

The city of Marion has a website and should have a blog so that our City Mayor or City Administrator can update us on city business. A facebook page may work wonders too and a blog could be updated as well.
Maybe in the future? The city was quick to have a new building with new technology but forgot how to stand on a soapbox and tell me, "Everything is fine just boil the water!"

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

funnel-web spider

I saw this web out in the dew covered grass this morning.

What a great photo

I hope your day is comfortable and secure.

Who declares war on a country and ends up leaving our children without limbs. Does he care. I never condoned such stupidity. Those boys were our best; they were selected from the creme of the crop to serve in our military and it was shear stupidity to put them in harms way. All that was needed was to maintain the covered air control to keep them in line. I thought about this yesterday when I saw President Obama giving a soldiers a Purple Heart; the man had lost both legs and the tips of both hands. Who ever thought that putting these men on the ground was safe? We did not put men in the battle fields in Japan and there was a reason for doing so.
Japan paid a terrible price for their stupidity and so have we for putting our young in harms way.
It burns me to tears knowing that George Walker Bush did this with a smirk on his face.
Anyway it is peaceful here in this area of the planet earth; a man would have to deliberately come here to cause any chaos.
I am a peaceful human inhabitant of the planet earth; I tend to my portion of the Garden of Eden keeping it clean and free of chemicals that would hurt the soil and air.
Mom and I went to Paducah where mom had some oral surgery (removed a tooth). It was done quickly; mom is in bed this morning recovering from pain involved. She seemed fine last night but was under the influence of drugs from the doctor.
I am drinking a cup of coffee (one cup regular and what ever I want after without caffeine) at this moment in time.
I hope you day is as comfortable as mine. I make it so because I can and will.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Janis Joplin - Kozmic Blues

I was looking at this Janis Joplin video and noticed that she still had bangles and beads.
At Morningstar I gave up the Hippie Beads and jewelry; no tattoo's, no earrings, no rings and no beads. At first it was I giving up everything beyond my awareness. Life in the city dictated clothing and an ego.
Now that I am old I have acquired all that my ego will allow but I still give my cash to mom.


Leave it to the working (Wall Street, economists, news editors, TV analyst, Republicans) to analyze the unemployed walking near Wall Street.
There is no point trying to understand the unemployed. The best solution was figured out in 1933 and 1936 and it was called the New Deal.
I think the Republicans are waiting until after the 2012 election to implement it.
In the meantime we suffer even more.

TV Commercial - Flu Shots On-The-Go

The days in the sun are shorter as I awake; this area of the planet sees less time in the sunshine (the earth still gets a normal day of sunshine). I have to wait for the daylight a little longer in our Fall.
As we wait for the sun I will say that I feel very good mentally but I do have a foul lingering taste after I brushed and cleaned my teeth. It is a metal taste or maybe it is some lingering bacteria just waiting for an opportunity. Time have given ample time for my body to adjust and my mouth is fine now.
The other day we went to "CVS" and as we entered we saw the sign that said, "Flu Shots." We assumed that a table had been set up and we looked through the place looking for the opportunity to get a shot. We found nothing so we asked. The answer was that we had to have an appointment. I can go to our doctor to do that. A few days later I see the "CVS" commercial on TV stating that I can get a shot at "CVS" without an appointment. At the time we asked we did not know of the TV commercial.
It is daylight and mom is about and she is feeding the cats some cat chow and some hand treats; it is close to Halloween.
We do not get many folks at Halloween because of our location. The school system cut off traffic on our street to minimize, "Hot Rodding" by the school boys. Walking to our home from town has only one safe route (walking foot bridge) and it is out of the way for parents and their vehicles. The other routes are heavily traveled roads not suitable for walking children and slow moving parents in cars.

In the last 10 years the school parking lot has lost over 2/3 of it's automobiles. The parking lot in the year 2000 was completely full and overcrowded with automobiles. Now there is about 1/3 of that as high costs of insurance and no jobs for mom, dad and the kids.
I tried to sell my truck the other day and no one had any money to buy an old truck. A new truck yes but nothing old. I had one offer and he wanted to give $2500 and then re sell it for profit. I took it off the market; to me it is still valuable as a truck or a "Hot Rod".

Happy Birthday Megan

Monday, October 10, 2011

Spanish History is Strong

Today is Columbus Day. That fact just demonstrates how strong Latin history is. It took historians up until the late 1970's to come up with more historical facts about the colonization of the Americas.
Even though some history and speculation of what lay west of Spain (put your hand over the western portion of the map). That is what was known of the area (nothing). It took Columbus's courage to think of going strait out to sea (nothing was known of what was there). It is hard to understand. It is similar to walking away from home for the first time.
We now know that folks walked across Asia to the new world and that some Vikings moved from island to island to North America before Columbus. But not to us we learned of Columbus first because of the strength of Spanish Colonization of the Americas.

Good Morning, mom is off to work and I am drinking coffee. It is quiet and peaceful in this area of the planet earth; that is by choice. I did nothing but watch football and car races yesterday. Today I wash linen, do some dishes and finish up my sand bags; I have 3 more to do and if I am energetic I will run my chipper shredder.
I looked up energetic in the dictionary to find out how to spell it. I had no luck until I posted my misspelling on Google and Google said is this what you mean?
Sometimes I go 15 minutes without even coming close to the correct spelling of words. Sometimes I wish I had a mind like mom's.
I truly believe that a mothers love for a child from infancy to about 10 has a great deal to do storing data in the brain but then again I was knocked out cold when I got hit by an automobile at about 6 or 7. I do not know what happened until I awoke in the hospital. All I know was that I was crossing the street to go to the store.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Today is Sunday the day for reflection.

Wood, flint, stone, fire, ash, ore, carbon, sand, hair, leather, bones, sap and vines.
We have a hint of rain out this morning. I see light blue skies with a vague pink in the distance, not pastel but just a hint of color. Well it is all color because that is how we view light with our eyes. Our colors out there this morning are morning as in the last days of life. Very reflective but not in a colorful way.
My back is sore from lifting the small sandbags 6 to 7 pounds sacks for the pool. Mentally I am fine.
Today is Sunday the day for reflection.
Cloth, paper, lead, steel, plastic, glass, concrete, oil, rubber, nylon, crystals and asphalt.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Birthday David

Nobel Peace Prize Goes to Women's Rights Activists

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee of Liberia and Tawakkul Karman of Yemen
The cats love my laptop because it is warm and comfortable.They know it is available when I am asleep in bed.Every morning I dust off the white hairs off my laptop.
The winter cover last year.
The pool service came yesterday and winterized my pool. The winter cover is on and I just have to sandbag my cover (extra precautions from the high winds of fall and winter).

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Difference Between Ron/Rand Paul and Tomas

I am sore from lifting the heavy sand bags from the pool. It did not hurt me. I have gone as far as I can go on the pool. Help from a pool service is coming today.
Mentally I feel great. My body has aged and I lumber like an old man.
Mom is off today and she is at her powerful XP computer. It is an old machine and she loves it.
Something as nice today would run around  $5,000.
She got extra memory, a nice monitor, a state of the art graphics package, great software, extra hard drives and all the bells and whistles of the time.

Does progressive mean working people at minimum wages, burning coal and diesel without regulation and chugging away like China (where they do not give a dam about human beings) or does progressive mean that we have learned about our mistakes and have taken the time to insure human well being on the planet earth.
I believe each one of us is the government and they believe in small government (I have no clue what that means other than kleptocracy, dictatorship or anarchy).
We are a society of human beings, we have united our interests in a document. The document says that we are the government. We choose to behave as we vote.
In today's world, powerful world companies have pushed their power into our heads of state on our continent.

Is it one person one vote
Is it one person eight votes or more.
Is it all world corporations only.

The broken circle represents a PAC or Lobbyists that allows us to vote more than once by influencing the government before or after an election.
This is not what our country founders wanted in this government.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I normally go to bed early as my legs go nuts because they are used to walking miles and miles but in these last 10 years they do not go anywhere because the nerves in my back say no to walking. So I go to bed early because mom does not like me bouncing my legs while watching TV. I guess I will have to get a stationary bicycle to absorb all the pent up energy. I can ride a bike and lift weights with my arms (not my back). I will look into a reclining bike.

I got up at midnight last night and have not gone back to bed. I am not tired. I called a pool man yesterday to help me put my winter cover on the pool this year. He may come tomorrow if he can. He said he would try to work me in. I cannot ask mom to help me with the cover it is too much for both of us.
I will ask him to come next Late March/Early April to remove the winter cover.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I renewed mom to the Google Plus and the bias. Sometimes bias is good.  Google + calls them circles. You place whomever in their particular circle. For me the circles are, "The Coalition", "NARFE", Family, friends, Lock and Dam personal and Ol Hippie Friends.
Other that that I see no difference than FaceBook.
Google Plus has a stream and that is what is sent to you; no one sees it but you.

The South is Struggling With Racism

Good Morning, we have daylight this morning; that means that the earth has turned/revolved even more than history has recorded. This is a new turn in the life of mankind as said, "These are the voyages of the Star ship Earth. Its continuing mission to explore strange new worlds and new utopias. To boldly go where no man has gone before."
Mom has a doctors appointment today and I have some chores to do if my back says, "OK"; after lunch yesterday with the help of some drugs I was able to unload and load the dishwasher. I took nothing that would hurt me by just taking two this week.
I feel good mentally, that always helps as I do not carry burdens in the mind. I am not smart enough to have a game of chess mentally and/or do any what ifs? I normally fill the glass and drink it.
Why is it that sometimes history has a better story that this mornings mind. Another Paradox!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Tabor's Towing & Repair

Here is Mom with a T-Shirt we won at Tabor's Towing and Repair
During the Crittenden County Pumpkin Festival.
Mom and I spent the afternoon with Kitten Yarn at her Craft Fair in Benton, Kentucky. She sold a few things but like all craft fairs, people just look. Mom wants me to go to Kitten Yarns next fair in Paducah, Kentucky.
It is a cool fall morning and the leaves are making a slow change.
I feel good this morning, I awoke sore and I can assume that it was too much sleep that made me sore. It is chilly here inside this morning.
I spoke too soon I leaned over and pulled a muscle in my lower back. I guess I will do some TV watching.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Good Company

I spent the day yesterday at the Crittenden County Pumpkin Festival. I was at the MAZE, I did not help much other than talk to folks and laugh and have fun. We made a mess and had fun and the kids were in 7th heaven as they went through the MAZE. Children and parents just laughed and had fun.
It is peaceful here this morning at our home. It is still dark out.
As it weather cools the mice will be wanting warmer homes and ours is perfect; our cats are on the lookout for mice trying to come in.
Mom bought us a new Venetian blinds for the front window, our cats had customized our old Venetian blinds and I had replaced/moved the slats so many times that I finally ran out of slats.
Mom also bought me a new shop vac hose. I had used the old one as an emergency repair on our pool pump.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Laurel Rose Editing

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics
"Editors review, rewrite, and edit the work of writers. They also may do original writing. An editor's responsibilities vary with the employer and type and level of editorial position held. Editorial duties may include planning the content of books, journals, magazines, and other general-interest publications. Editors also review story ideas proposed by staff and freelance writers then decide what material will appeal to readers. They review and edit drafts of books and articles, offer comments to improve the work, and suggest possible titles. In addition, they may oversee the production of publications. In the book-publishing industry, an editor's primary responsibility is to review proposals for books and decide whether to buy the publication rights from the author"

Google Adsense

Got paid by Google Adsense; it took five years. I got mom (with the money)  a new pair of shoes in Paducah, Kentucky. She was happy that they had the same brand and model shoe that fit her comfortably.
We also went out to lunch together. Normally she just goes to work and I stay put (economy).
I told her that Tom would be happy living in a cage, cave, cell, mansion or Hawaiian Island; mentally I am OK on the planet Earth.

I also told her (mom) I would make her a web page so that she can edit at home.