Friday, April 30, 2010

The days have been good to us. I do not remember all of them but they passed into my being and they touched the world, a very early good morning it is.
The word zen comes to mind but I do not know what it is or where it is. Is it a state of being or is it a frame of mind?
I have to admit that having a camera on cell phone is very convenient. Everyone I know except my wife and daughter have a cell phone capable of loading photos to their computers (social networks). Cell phone are everywhere and people all over the county are carrying their cell phones everywhere. When I want to take a picture I have to purposely carry our camera where I want to take a photo.

Oil from Earth

No one wants to awake to see what oil at sea can do to a village. Are they going to burn the coast of Louisiana?
The oil company says it will cost them millions. I though millions was what bankers got as bonuses.
Trillions is what the planet should pay Louisiana.
What is daylight going to bring?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Report Card on Obama's First Year

I think he is a winner and so is his wife and kids.
Everything about him and his family say America.
Coffee Please!
I did catch up on the laundry and I let the pool lapse because of high winds and cool temperatures.
I did finish the stadium signs and sent them off.
I feel really good with no signs of silly wobble.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I have been catching up on the laundry these few days. Plus I removed all the stuff I was saving in the laundry room and am sorting through it. I have not caught up yet but I am taking some time to post.
I am creating some mock up boards ( on 8 1/2 x 11 cardboard) for presentation to the Coalition board for Coalition/Football sponsorship signs.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Two minds thank think alike.

Pat Robertson Calls Quake 'blessing in Disguise'

Iranian Cleric Blames Immoral Women for Quakes

Good Morning

I awoke early this morning somewhere in time around 4:00AM. I tried getting online but my computer was busy and I just looked at it a minute ago when I shut it down. I always said that you are what you are and If you train your mind to be good then you will. Listening to sad songs without a lot a friends hanging out and singing out loud is best left alone. Alone you just have to zone out with Zen and marvel at the human being you are then look beyond your self and poof there is a friend. Wow!
Love ya sis

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I took the cover off the pool and have been cleaning the bottom of the pool. It was not as dirty as last year so it will be soon when it is ready for the kids and mom. The water is a chilly 62 degrees.
Mom should be home soon from work. I have to clean her van out when she gets home.

Associated Press Interactive Stress Map

Saturday, April 17, 2010

We spent the day yesterday out of town, mom with PT then off to Paducah for her six month eye examination. Then we were off to Murray to see Dancing Girl in a recital. We got home late after a busy and enjoyable day.
Today I washed clothes and dried them at the Laundromat. This afternoon I moved my sand bags around and removed the wire that holds our winter pool cover.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Aardvark Computer Network Services

Spring Special !!!!! Spyware and Virus Scan, PC Optimization, Start Up Check and Anti-Virus Protection installed for $65 Through May 15th!!! All done remotely over the internet at a time convenient to you!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I little wobbly to start the day but feeling better as of now. I mowed and picked up our grass clippings which I placed on my compost pile.
I am going to put the plumbing in place for the pool, at the moment it is winterized. Today's step is to raise the water level and then clean and remove the winter cover. Then it will be a while because the water has to warm a little.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good News, Bad News

The good news is that I feel good. I felt dizzy going to bed last night but I feel good this morning.
The bad news is the earth had another quake. This one located in China. Could it be that those testing nuclear devices underground have something to do with these earthquakes. You know what the authorities will say, "As far as we are concerned nuclear testing have nothing to do with earthquakes."
Yeah! Fer-Shur! Blow up the planet underground and the earth has nothing to say or do?
You know that kids do stupid things with firecrackers and men do stupid things with nuclear devices.

Chomsky Warns of Risk of Fascism in America

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mining Disasters and the Law

We live in a society where bolstered rhetoric in Congress is not backed by the local sheriff. The answer always given is manpower. We have plenty of manpower to stop free speech on street corner soap boxes, we have enough manpower to trek onto farms and root out drug nests and there seems plenty of manpower to chase Mexicans illegal immigrants across our country.
So why is there not enough manpower to stop manufacturers from abusing labor laws.
Because coal is a valuable commodity mine owners pay lobbyists to lobby Congress to keep the law at bay while Congress gives us bolstered rhetoric. Once there is a disaster then Congress and the mine owners come to the forefront with bolstered rhetoric in tears.

There is a value to technology and the wealth that is needed to obtain what I call normal lifestyle. When we first arrived in Kentucky households here had maids or servants coming daily to households. That may still be true I am only not aware of it today.
Because I was sick and unable to function yesterday our pile of dishes soared. The fact that our dryer quit working properly and the fact that payday is off in the distant future our pile of laundry has accumulated.
Those three facts my ability, my wealth and lack of technology created a different point of view where work could not be done because of health or my lack of paying for the job to be done or our technology not functioning normally.
Look at this photo below and understand that I am without money but I do have determination and strength and I have no problem washing my bluejeans, dungaree shirts and socks.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My day started out a little rough as my balance was way off this morning. I had to hold on to everything as I got out of bed. I headed to my chair where I sat most of the day. I drank a lot of tea and that has been the story of the day.
I had to give up a trip to the NARFE Convention near the Kentucky Cincinnati Airport in Northern Kentucky.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Did you see the video with the baby moose playing in the sprinkler. Just like any youngster he or she had a ball while mom looked on. I loved the music they used as a background sound.

This morning I am using Google Chrome as my Browser and it is taking some time to get used to.

When I go online I am somewhat predictable because of the browser of choice. How do we cover a spectrum of ideas using just one language. What are my limits?
One thing I can do is follow links from other spaces on the web or just type something in any space and see what happens.
I used a coat hanger to hang my new Hummingbird feeder this morning and decided that I had room for a bird perch so I used and old window blind handle/twister, cut it to size and hung it with string.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln never paid income tax why should I

The first United States income tax was imposed in July 1861, at 3% of all incomes over 800 dollars in order to help pay for the war effort in the American Civil War. This tax was repealed and replaced by another income tax in 1862.

It would be nice if today our income tax was 3% of all incomes over 800 dollars.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln never paid income tax why should I.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Drugs Daily

I take two drugs daily (meclizine for balance and prevacid for my stomach (at midnight)) and maybe a once a week acetaminophen for my arthritis.
How many of us are drug free?
Not many I would think.
How many of us take a regiment of daily drugs prescribe to keep you from other complication to terrible to describe.
Society keeps us alive and we sometimes succumb to the pleasure of staying alive. We have no choice.
Pleasure is not the word to best describe our need to stay alive.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I was washing clothes this morning and I placed the clothes into the dryer and turned it on. It ran for about 10 minutes then quit. I tried it again then smell the smell of a burnt motor so I unplugged the power cord and took our partially dried clothes to the laundry mat.

The Planet Earth - Gaia

Tom believes that the planet Earth is the Garden of Eden. So I hold the planet Earth in reverence and it's inhabitants I behold like a god that there are. It is a very simple idea that can overwhelm any idea of religion. Each individual has a mind that thinks with their own idea of thought/god and that as inhabitants of Eden I hold in reverence.

Rosetta Stone

Behistun Inscription

Good Friday 2010 Years After The Torture

Life is full of puzzles and the logic as to why a human being is put to death so inhumanly. What a terrible thing to do and call it good or call the day that the man was painfully hammered to a wooden cross with spikes good is beyond any common sense.
Well today is two days after this anniversary and we honor him by painting rabbits and boiling/painting chicken eggs taken from mother hens.
We might as well paint him up like up in pastel paints like 1967 Hippies and make him elevate above a granite stone as we fall to our knees.
This reminds me of the scandal the church has turned a blind eye to by waving incense over a crowded room.

Iran and Free Speach Two Countries

It is very pleasant here in Western Kentucky weather wise and in my state of mind. My wife says I have an opinion on everything and that I should just listen. Sound advice.
My opinion is that we all say the same thing and it is my inability to understand which makes opinions different.
I was listening to C-Span early this morning and what I see is that Iran has asked all reporters that want to speak freely to leave the country. Does that makes two Iran's? One: Those folks that stay and keep there opinions to themselves or agree with the government of Iran. Two: Those folks that left the country and do have opinions and freely express them and those that stay in Iran who constantly hide but freely express themselves and try to keep one step ahead of the law.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Up With People

Boing Boing


Last night on TV I saw the Apple IPad in action and it did things that I have never seen. One application was the sky. If you lift the IPad as if you were looking at the sky the IPad shows you what you see in the direction the screen is (you see the stars there) move left and you see the stars there you move 1000 miles to the west and you see the stars in the sky overhead. Did I make that sound right.
Put the thing over your head and see the stars where you are.

This sounds like something very different.
I hear thunder and it is raining outside.
Those were the sounds I heard this morning.
Today when this rain lets up I am going out to the shed and work on our riding mower. It is not charging the battery so I think the regulator/rectifier is bad. Yesterday I ordered a new regulator/rectifier and today I install it.
This home just shook from the movement of thunder.
The new regulator/rectifier solved my charging problem. Now I sharpen, balance and level the blades. Which will take some time to remove the blades from the mower deck.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Carnival News Revival

Yesterday I was sitting is the physical therapy waiting area and behind me I heard a preacher talking about the government in a cadence of a typical revival so I turned my head to see why he was doing that and it was Glenn Beck on Fox News. I was surprised to hear a news announcer giving a sermon on a national news program but hey these are different times. The evening news just blurred into a religious news program where news was mixed with Genesis and Paul.
The last time I heard such loud chants was during World War II News reels at the movies in the 1940's.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I have a cover over my bird feeder to keep the rain out of the food. Last year I created an umbrella to go over the feeder but my favorite is my sister's umbrella picnic table to feed her cats.
Here a photo of her cat under the umbrella cat feeder.

Welcome to Google TISP

The Center of the Universe

Since I have been in Western Kentucky I have learned the importance of the Locks and Dams and the flow of river cargo in the Ohio Valley.
Paducah Kentucky has become the hub where technology meets the river and cargo moves nicely along our great rivers in the area. In the map below the large green area.

Writing our Congressman

The question arose.
Where have you been all these years?

Well I have been writing my congressman and I did join the Federal Bureaucracy and while there I did voice my opinion.

On one opinion in particular (since 2003).
I did get a response from Home Land Security, my three congressman, The Department of the Army at the Pentagon and the National Coast Guard Commander.
I think I plugged up a hole they had not seen with my concern.
I just awoke and it is dark out.
Our Daughter came by yesterday with the children and we had a good time just visiting.
My day is pleasant and dark. The earth has not rotated enough to see any sun yet.
Like clock work our planet evolves and rotates. It makes adjustment and those sometimes hurt. There has been no mechanic by to reassemble the planet after each movement. The tea pot whistles!
The girls brought Chocolate Bunny's, Jelly Beans and an assortment of Milky Way single bits as Easter gifts yesterday. That was on noon meal. God I think I had too much chocolate.
But we did enjoy our company.
We gave Dancing Girl her belated DVD of, "Nancy Drew 2007". Which we saw and it was pleasantly good. Not the same as the book but good. I see there is an older collection which I may also get for her.
Dancing Girl is a avid reader of books. She has a collection of Nancy Drew Books and The Borrowers Books. In a year or so maybe some Robert Louis Stevenson and maybe some O' Henry.